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Travel to Belgium

In addition to brilliantly cut diamonds and a sculpture of a Pissing Boy in the center of its own capital, Belgium has something to offer even the most pampered tourist. The medieval architecture of Antwerp and Bruges, the world's best chocolate, vintage lace and the exhibition of the Royal Museum of art are just a small part of the amazing discoveries waiting for guests of a small European state at every step. A trip to Belgium can be part of a Grand tour of the Benelux countries or perform solo, because the saying "Small spool, Yes roads" characterizes the Kingdom in full.

Important point

The tourist will have to apply for a visa to travel. Belgium is a member of the Schengen agreement, which means that the package of documents for the Consulate is standard, and the visa fee is also within the Schengen norm-35 euros.

English in Belgium is not familiar to everyone, and therefore the knowledge of a few common phrases in French or an ACE in the hole in the form of a small Russian-French PhraseBook will greatly facilitate communication between guests of the Kingdom and their hosts.

Select the wings

Aeroflot passengers will be the fastest to reach the Belgian capital. The price of a ticket for a direct flight is about 200 euros each way, and the travel time is about 3.5 hours.

In 4.5 hours, excluding connections, you can get to the Belgian capital from Russia on KLM wings. The transit point in this case will be Amsterdam.

Swiss airlines is also ready to take on Board anyone who wants to travel to Belgium. With a transfer in Zurich, the flight will take about 5.5 hours, and you will have to pay from 190 euros for a Swiss ticket.

Hotel or apartment

Neat and comfortable Belgian hotels, if they have stars on the facade, then they fully correspond to their place in the table of ranks. These are usually representatives of global chains or typical city hotels with a local flavor.

A night in the "treshka" in the capital of the Kingdom will cost 50-60 euros. It offers free Wi-Fi, Parking and a private bathroom. For Breakfast, you will have to pay 5-7 euros. In 5* hotels in Brussels, Royal comfort reigns, which is quite logical, given the price from 130-150 euros per room per day. But the guests of Brussels hostels adhere to the principle of "in tightness but not in offense" and rent a bed in a shared room is ten times cheaper.

The town of Bruges, made famous in the famous film by the efforts of Colin Farrell, despite its small size, boasts a rich selection of hotels. You can stay in a three-star hotel in Bruges for 50 euros in the "low" season and 70-80 euros in the summer. The minimum cost of a night in cheap hostels in Bruges, presented on specialized sites on the Internet, is 15-20 euros. The facilities will be shared, as well as the room where the beds are placed.

Cheap hotels in Antwerp are hostels with the option to stay in a shared room for 15 euros per night and individual Studio rooms from 45 euros and above. "Fives" are traditionally expensive, and for a night in a three-star hotel you will have to pay the usual 70-80 euros for Belgium.

Private housing Belgians also rent to tourists and the price of beds is difficult to call humane. For example, a separate one-bedroom apartment in the center of Brussels will cost about 50-70 euros per day, and the keys to a room in an apartment with the owner will be given to you for 30-35 euros.

Transport details

Urban public transport in Belgium is buses and taxis. A single bus ride costs 2.10 euros if you do not purchase a travel card for several trips or days. For example, tickets for 5 trips at once will cost 8 euros, and for 10 – will cost 14 euros. You will have to pay 7 euros for a daily pass. You can use this ticket to make as many transfers as you want within 24 hours of the first composting.

Save on travel and visit most of the capital's museums will help Brussels Card. It costs 24, 36 and 48 euros for 1, 2 and 3 days, respectively.

It is convenient to travel between cities by buses and electric trains. By purchasing a Rail Pass, you can profitably operate railway transport. The cost of 10 trips on this ticket will be about 80 euros.

The Nightingale is not fed with fables

When traveling in Belgium, the most important thing is to resist the desire to constantly taste delicious chocolate, which is famous for the Royal masters. The rest of the Belgian cuisine will be appreciated by beer fans, potato and seafood lovers, and those who can't imagine their table without a plate of soup or meat delicacies.

Traditionally, the lowest prices for food are now offered in Europe by Asians. Street stalls with Chinese, Indian and Thai food and on the streets of Belgian cities are winning more and more space under the sun. The average portion of this fast food will cost a maximum of 4-5 euros.

A set lunch served during the day in many establishments in Belgium is a sure way to have a high-quality meal and not too expensive. Its cost, on average, is from 12 to 18 euros, and the menu has a solid portion of hot, salad and first course.

The European level of service is offered by high-status restaurants in Belgium, where the average receipt for a dinner with wine for two is from 60 to 80 euros.

Useful details

A bus departs every 15 minutes from the passenger terminal of Brussels airport to the center of the Belgian capital. The trip cost is 3 euros.

Electric trains depart from the Airport railway station, located in the basement of the passenger terminal, every quarter of an hour to the Central railway station of the capital. The journey time is approximately 17 minutes. From here, there are also trains to other cities in the Kingdom.

The cost of a liter of gasoline in Belgium is about 1.44 euros.

Some sections of the Kingdom's highways require payment to travel. For example, through a tunnel near Antwerp, laid under the river Scheldt. Cars with a maximum height of 2.75 meters will be charged EUR 6.

After paying for Parking on the streets of Belgian cities, do not forget to place the receipt under the windshield in the sight of the controllers.

Perfect trip to Belgium

The rainiest months in Belgium are November and April. However, precipitation prefers to fall on its territory during the entire autumn-winter period, so the best time to travel is spring and summer.

Even in the middle of July, the moderate Maritime climate of the Kingdom guarantees low readings of thermometers. Their columns adhere to the summer day pleasant +23°C.

The proximity of the sea provides Belgians with fairly mild winters. Humidity is quite high, but the air temperature is kept in the range of +5 °C in January and February,and its minus values are extremely rare.

If the purpose of your tour to Belgium is to get acquainted with its national customs, look at the calendar of holidays and festivals. Interesting events are held on November 15 on the day of the Royal dynasty and July 21 on the national day of the country. In the middle of summer, the annual cultural festival starts in Ghent. Ghent holidays offer the traveler a variety of entertainment programs, which include concerts by street musicians, performances by participants of folk theaters, carnival processions, fireworks and constant tastings of the best Beers.

Travel with pleasure.


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