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Travel to Alexandria

Alexandria is the second largest city in Egypt. It was founded by Alexander the great himself and is located in the Nile Delta, being the largest Egyptian port and one of the best resorts in Egypt. From Alexandria, it is very close to the capital of Egypt – Cairo.

The beaches stretch along the entire coast, their length is about 40 kilometers. In Alexandria there are both private and free beaches. They consist of clean fine sand and fragments of sea shells, so you should decide in advance which beach will suit You more and choose a hotel, and it is desirable that they are located in the same area.

Of course, Alexandria is considered not only a resort town, but also a four-million-dollar commercial port, so it is more suitable for lovers of a rich holiday than for those who prefer peace and quiet. The resort is open all year round,and even in winter you can easily see yachts sailing to the Mediterranean sea, and in summer-huge beaches, completely "Packed" with tourists.

Alexandria is not deprived of attractions, because two of the seven Wonders of the World were located here. For example, you can still see the famous pyramids near Cairo, but the lighthouse of Alexandria did not survive to this day, but served as the basis for one of the symbols of the city, the Fort of Kite Bay, which is located in the Eastern Bay.

Also, among the remains of the ancient Egyptian civilization that have survived to this day is the column of Pompey, which You can see with your own eyes. Also, you should visit the catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa, where there are many sarcophagi. In addition, the complex of archaeological monuments in Rushdi, the Abu El-Abbas mosque, which is one of the places that symbolize Alexandria, and various museums, as well as the library of Alexandria, are worth visiting.


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