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Travel by car in the surrounding area of Madrid

Our trip by car to the outskirts of Madrid happened almost spontaneously and without much careful planning and preparation. And all because last year the Spaniards gave us a multi-visa for two years (!). Before that, we had two Spanish visas, one for six months and the second for a year. So we decided to use the rest of the visa to visit Madrid and explore its surroundings by car. And this is what happened.

We had 7 days for everything. The car in Madrid decided to rent on the spot for four days. Two days, the first and last, were planned to be dedicated to Madrid, but without a car. And the cities of Cuenca, Salamanca, Segovia and Toledo were scheduled to visit by car. We decided that we would leave Madrid early in the morning and return to the hotel in the evening.

Roads in Spain. Sometimes they are free, and sometimes traffic jams for kilometers. Most often due to accidents and when entering (leaving) major cities.

The road to Madrid

The car in Madrid decided to rent at the local office at the hotel. The reception Desk had a sign with the name of the rental office and a phone number.

The girl from the reception called the specified number and an hour later an agent came to us with a ready-made contract (in English). He also brought the car. Paid in cash on the spot without any Deposit and all at once. It turned out 160 euros for 4 days for the "Hyundai Getz" mechanic. The car is not big, brisk, convenient and the gasoline consumption is adequate. She spent the night at our hotel.

Our hotel, or rather apartments, with the long name " We Are Madrid Opera Callao "was located almost in the center of Madrid near the Plaza de Espana and the main street of Madrid"Gran via". For such facilities, we had to pay almost 8 thousand rubles per day. The hotel was specially chosen without food, because all days from early morning to late evening we planned to be on the road. That's mostly what we did. We returned to the hotel every time late, just to spend the night and no longer up to the conventions and amenities happened to fall asleep like dead. The main thing is that the room had a shower that worked properly and beds. We never even turned on the TV.

Gran Via Street. The richest, the most beautiful, the most noisy. Here life boils at any time of the day.

In Spain, from Madrid to the desired cities can be quickly reached by toll roads. So, for example, in Toledo, we got to the AP-41 – "Madrid – Toledo" toll road (60 km), the cost is 9.20 euros, but it is not the same everywhere, but depends on the length of the road, the type of car and the distance.

Entrance to the toll road.

Spanish gas station. Petrol A-95 costs 1.3 euros.

On the first day, we decided to go a short distance, for this purpose we chose a route to the city of Toledo. I wanted to get used to the local traffic and the car, because at home I drive a car of a different weight category. Before that, I did not go to Spain and everything was for me for the first time.

On the first day, we left at 7 am and were in Toledo by 9 am. When leaving the city, the main stream moved towards us, i.e. towards Madrid. People were driving to work and it is not surprising that at this time there were decent congestion. First of all, of course, we refueled at the nearest gas station to a full tank.

Toledo. On the first day.

To get from Madrid to Toledo by car, take the A42 road. The distance is about 75 km, which we covered in an hour and a half using the Navigator in my phone. In the future, we went so with him and found everything successfully. Once I tried to find Parking using the Navigator, but it didn't work out, I needed the Internet, and I just turned it off so that I didn't waste traffic.

city of Toledo. View of the upper city.

On the left is the Cathedral, on the right is the Alcazar castle.

The streets are narrow, but you can't get lost, there are signs everywhere.

Finding a free Parking space in Toledo was a problem. All the free ones, as usual, were busy, so this was not even hoped for. Finally, after twisting around the city for twenty minutes, we notice a paid Parking sign with a Parking meter and decide to stop. The cost for one hour is 2.5 euros. We ended up with 10 euros, because we walked for four hours in Toledo. After all, you need to choose a Parking place on these trips in advance on the map, so as not to waste time and not look like a kettle on Spanish roads. At the Parking meter, you get a ticket and put it under the windshield.

A Parking meter in Toledo where you can pay for Parking. And God forbid you do not do it, fines-mother, do not grieve.

I liked the city of Toledo very much. This was our first tourist city that we were going to explore on our own. Before that, we were in Spain only on a beach holiday in Salou and in Loret de Mar.

All the most interesting things in Toledo are located in the Upper city. You've probably heard of Toledo steel, which is used to make unique knives and various cold weapons. Almost every hundred meters there are shops with a variety of knives, daggers, swords and cutlasses.

Streets Of Toledo

When searching for Parking, we also squeezed through discontented tourists, looking for a place to Park the car. But they didn't find any free space.

"Bricks" almost at every turn were waiting for us.

Gift shop in Toledo

The main attraction of Toledo is the Alcazar castle, which is the tallest building in the city.

The city of Toledo is the birthplace of the great artist El Greco. There is a Museum of the artist, where some of his paintings are displayed. One of his most famous paintings, the Burial of count orgas, is located in the Church of Santo Tomé. We were able to see this picture. There were two other couples in the Church besides us, and that was it. Such a masterpiece, and there are almost no people who want to see it live. Probably not everyone knows about it.

We walked around Toledo for about four hours. During this time, we visited the Cathedral, the El Greco Museum, walked over the San Martin bridge over the Tagus river, saw the painting "the Burial of count orgas" and walked around the Jewish quarter. We ate in one of the restaurants, the check came out for 22 euros, which is not much for Spain. We went to stores that sell knives made of Toledo steel, including kitchen knives. The average price for such a knife is 60 -70 euros. They didn't buy anything.

Souvenirs from Toledo: knives, swords and plates.

We returned to Madrid early that day, but that was the plan. The car was parked near the hotel and the rest of the time we walked around the neighborhood and along Gran via in particular. This is the richest, most elegant and most crowded street in Madrid.


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