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Travel and other things. Five days in Abu Dhabi

Impressions of Abu Dhabi exceeded expectations. The metropolis turned out to be a pleasant place to live and relax, with a large number of trees, wide embankments for walking and convenient (almost everywhere free) Parking. We spent 5 full days there, but it would be ideal to add another day.

For the first time, the Lonely Planet travel guide proved to be of little use, and in some cases even unnecessary. We had a 2008 edition and there was no mention of the Sheikh Zayed mosque or the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Moreover, the guide said that driving in the UAE is very, very dangerous and it is simply impossible to go without special medical insurance in case of accidents. In fact, it turned out that since then the situation on the roads has changed radically. Everywhere there are video cameras that control the speed and therefore no one else exceeds the speed. The only drawback: they overtake from the right side and practically do not use turn signals when they change lanes. You need to get used to it, but in General, the UAE drives much better than in the South of Italy.

The Sheikh Zayed mosque is beyond praise. It is clear that the late Sheikh did not spare funds for its construction. It is made of the best white marble, decorated with gold and semiprecious stones.

Inside the mosque, the floor is covered with the largest single-piece carpet in the world.

The chandeliers are made of Murano glass and Swarovski crystal.

The city beach turned out to be perfect by Italian standards: a wide strip of talc-white sand, emerald clear water, and only a few visitors on working days. (On Friday, there were a lot of expats from India and the surrounding area).

Heritage Village is worth visiting just for the view that opens from there to the center of Abu Dhabi.

I really liked the view of the city, which opens from the 76th floor of Etihad Towers.

Entrance to the observation deck costs 18 euros, of which 10 can be spent in the bar.

Long thought to go or not to the oasis of al Ein. The only place in the UAE that UNESCO has listed as a human heritage site. As a result, we went. Honestly, if the distance was up to 50 km, the answer would be "undoubtedly worth it". But since the oasis is 160 km away from Abu Dhabi, this trip is only worth taking if you are staying in Abu Dhabi for a week.

The rise of the Hafeet mountain.

The al Ein oasis was not as cool as the guidebook had promised.

We enjoyed our trip to Saadiyat island very much. The island is 10 km from the center of Abu Dhabi, and is home to some hotels, resorts, and Golf courses.

The purest turquoise water in the sea and snow-white sand. On the beach we met a lot of Italians, which is not surprising.


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