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Traditional English Breakfast.

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

A traditional English breakfast consists of a simple set of products that has not changed for centuries. This is a national historical tradition, this is the basis of British cooking, which is not

very diverse, but saturated with a lot of calories.

Traditional english breakfast No, this is not oatmeal, which is actually a traditional Scottish breakfast. The British, as you know, do not like the Scots and often give them jokes such as "they laugh like horses because they eat oatmeal." In England, it was believed that breakfast should be dense and high-calorie, so that energy was enough until the evening, even on a dank, rainy day.

So for Breakfast we ate: Scrambled eggs (fried or "scramble"). Toasts. Sausages. Fried bacon. Black pudding. Baked mushrooms. Baked tomatoes. Beans in tomato sauce. Hashbrown (I don't know who attributed the potato Patty to traditional American cuisine, but it is included in the English Breakfast). All this is insanely delicious, but very satisfying. Of course, ordinary British people do not prepare all this at home. But the traditional English Breakfast is still served in London pubs.

Well, and drinks. Do not believe the common misconception that the English almost around the clock drink only tea with milk. Depending on the taste preferences, the accompaniment can be coffee, orange juice, and even cocoa, which is loved by many. At the same time, of course, it is worth recognizing that a large number of British people fill their cups with hot milk for Breakfast, and then top it up with strong freshly brewed black tea. Enjoy your Breakfast, delicious eggs, crispy bacon, hearty beans and tender sausages! "If I could, I would eat a full English Breakfast three times a day. But then I would have died long ago" (Steve Coogan, English comedian).

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