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Top Tips for Dating a Slavic Woman

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

Slavic women are beautiful on the outside, and often on the inside too. No wonder then that it’s a cliché and stereotype for almost every British lad or North American guy living in a Slavic country to have arrived on the premise, and with the promise, of love. So, what can we say about this phenomenon? Without advocating ‘sex tourism’ in any way, we’re going to give you 10 great tips on how to handle a new relationship in a beautiful Slavic country. What’s more, this friendly advice goes for international relationships world-wide. Slavic wonderlands include Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Russia, Belarus, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Ukraine. The ‘Slavs’ as an ethnic group originally settled in the eastern European Caucasus in the 6th Century. Since then Slavic peoples have spread further east into the Russian sub-continent and south into the Balkans, now accounting for over half of Europe. And they have remained beautiful. Aside from numerous online ‘Slavic brides’ agencies, many western guys do not go with the pre-meditated intention of finding a girl. Nevertheless, you may well inadvertently find yourself in the arms of a Slavic beauty on a backpacking adventure (as in my case), beach holiday, business trip or even a music festival. If you really like this girl, and it’s more than just a one night (or week)-stand, you might sooner or later decide to go and live in her home country (if your girl isn't after a green card that is). Unfortunately, these types of relationships don’t have a good long-term success rate, but with our advice, that’s about to change!

1. Learn the local language, get your girlfriend to give you lessons.

2. Socialise with locals.

3. Embrace the culture.

4. Embrace the food.

5. Explore the country.

6. Get advice from friends in the same boat.

7. Love the country as much as the girl.

This means, if you break-up, stay in the country. Although you probably came first for the girl, there should be lots of other reasons for the place becoming your home.

That’s it! Enjoy

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