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Top billionaires in Monaco, or welcome to the " three commas Club»

We are starting a series of publications dedicated to famous residents of Monaco. Read today about the most successful businessmen whose fortunes run into billions of dollars. The Principality guarantees an exceptional quality of life for those who deserve only the best. That's why there are so many very rich people here. 30 % of the inhabitants of the Principality have more than one million euros in their Bank account. About 2,500 residents of Monaco are the lucky owners of an account that exceeds 10 million euros. In a country with a population of less than 40,000, the average amount of wealth is 1.42 million euros per person. Monaco also ranks first in the world in the number of billionaires per capita. Our Top 10 list of rich people living in Monaco includes first-generation billionaires who have achieved success on their own, heirs and heiresses of large fortunes, real estate moguls, art dealers and giants of the business world. We present them in order of being on the Forbes 2018 list. All of them are members of the exclusive club " The Three Commas Club "(literally"three commas Club"). If you have not heard anything about this "club", do not be surprised, because membership in it is available only to those whose fortune is estimated in billions (this is the number of commas in the spelling of the number "billion" in English — $1,000,000,000).

Stefano Pessina

Italian pharmaceutical magnate and Chairman of the Walgreens Boots Alliance, number 127 on the Forbes list with an impressive net worth of $ 11.1 billion. Pessina started his career in a wholesale pharmaceutical company owned by his family in Italy. With lightning speed, he was able to make the family business a leading global giant, buying up most of the small pharmaceutical companies in Europe and merging with the British pharmacy chain Boots. The rapid takeover of the Boots Alliance and the subsequent merger with the American chain Walgreens brought Stefano a fabulous profit. The billionaire moved to Monaco several decades ago, renouncing his Italian citizenship in favor of Monegasque. Interesting fact: Stefano Pessina is a nuclear engineer by training. He is also known as an avid art collector.

Sir David and sir Frederick Barclay

Known as the Barclay Twins, the London-based brothers have made a huge fortune in the media business and hotel real estate, which is now estimated at $ 5.6 billion and gives them 305th place in the Forbes list of billionaires. In the 1950s, the brothers quickly began buying up houses and converting old boarding houses into hotels, and in 1995 they purchased the Ritz hotel in London. Today, they are shareholders in shipping companies, retail businesses, property owners, and information publications. In 2000, the Barclay Twins were knighted for serious financial support for medical research: since 1985, they have donated about 45 million pounds to scientific institutions. Their permanent residence is located on the small channel Islands in the English channel, but for several years the Barclay brothers have kept an apartment in the fonvieille quarter. Interesting fact: the first experience of running a business was extremely unsuccessful for the brothers. The Candy Corner bakery in Kensington, which they ran in the 1940s, went bankrupt and all the property was confiscated in favor of the landlord.

Kristina Green

The British businesswoman and owner of Taveta Investments is ranked 422nd in the Forbes list with a fortune of $ 4.8 billion. Her husband, sir Philip green, is the founder and Chairman of the retail company Arcadia Group, which includes Topshop, Topman, Wallis, Evans, Burton, Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins and Outfit. The BHS Department store chain was also previously part of the concern until it went out of business. Kristina is the sole shareholder of Taveta Investments, Arcadia's holding company. Tina, as Madame Greene is usually called, is a permanent resident of Monaco, but Philip works in London during the week and spends weekends in the Principality. The family has two children. Interesting fact: recently, the green family purchased a 90-meter yacht "Lionheart" worth 100 million pounds, which found a convenient berth in the port of Monaco.

Steve Wynn

The American businessman has a net worth of $ 3 billion and is ranked 679th in Forbes. Winn created a giant real estate Empire with high-rise resorts and casinos in Las Vegas, Macao, and other countries. He started with some of the famous resorts and casinos in Las Vegas, including the Mirage, Bellagio, and Wynn. Its new-generation hotels and casinos changed the face of Las Vegas forever. In 2006, the Las Vegas Gambling Association honored the businessman with a place in the" Hall of fame " for his contribution to the amazing transformation of the Las Vegas Strip. In the same year, Steve Wynn was named to Time Magazine's list of most influential people. Winn's ability to create exceptional luxury hotels, restaurants and casinos has certainly not gone unnoticed in Monaco. In 2010, His serene Highness Prince albert II made the businessman an honorary citizen of the Principality. Interesting fact: in 2010, Steve Wynn became a vegan and introduced meat-free dishes to the menu of all his restaurants.

Tatiana Casiraghi

Born Tatiana Santo Domingo, this 34-year-old Colombian-Brazilian beauty inherited part of her grandfather's fortune from the sale of the Colombian beer Empire Bavaria. $ 2.1 billion gives Tatiana a place at number 1103 on the Forbes list of billionaires. Tatiana is actively involved in fashion projects and is a co-founder of Muzungu Sisters, a company that sells hand-made clothing, guided by the principles of fair trade. Since 2013, Tatiana has been married to Andrea Casiraghi, the son of Princess Caroline, fourth in the line of succession to the throne of Monaco. Interesting fact: Tatiana and Andrea met while studying at a closed school in Fontainebleau near Paris. Now the couple has three children — two sons and a daughter. The youngest son Maximilian Rainier was born in April 2018.

Bahaa Hariri

The 52-year-old investor from a very wealthy Lebanese-Saudi family is ranked 1157th on the Forbes list of billionaires with assets of $ 2.1 billion. His father, Rafiq Hariri, served as Prime Minister of Lebanon for 12 years. Bahaa Hariri's business areas are real estate and logistics. After selling his stake in the family-owned construction company Saudi Oger, Bahaa Hariri went into his own business, creating Horizon Group, a company that invests in real estate in Jordan, Beirut and Amman. Interesting fact: Bahaa Hariri had a joint project with the government of Jordan to revive business in the capital, Amman. Today, this project is estimated at $ 5 billion.

David and Ezra Nahmad

Another billionaire brothers living in the Principality, owners of a fortune of 3.3 billion dollars for two. 71-year-old David with 1.8 billion dollars is ranked 1284 th in the Forbes list, and 73-year-old Ezra — 1561 th (1.5 billion dollars). These two Syrian art dealers own one of the world's largest collections of masterpieces, including works by Claude Monet, Auguste Renoir, Mark Rothko and other masters. And 300 paintings by Picasso, also owned by the brothers, are estimated at $ 3 billion. In the 1940s, the Nahmad family was forced to leave Syria for Lebanon due to anti-Semitic riots in the country. After this, the Nahmads moved to Milan, where the brothers engaged in the art trade. Today, David and Ezra are considered the largest buyers in this area. Interesting fact: David is an avid backgammon player and was even the world backgammon champion in 1996 year.

Sir Stelios Hadji-Ioannou

The 51-year-old Cypriot "serial entrepreneur," as he calls himself, is the founder of EasyJet Airlines and the easy brand. It is 1477-e a place in the Forbes list of billionaires, with 1.62 billion dollars. Stelios is the son of a shipping magnate, and it was his father who lent him £ 5 million to open the airline in 1995. Today, easyGroup, headquartered in London, includes easyCar, easyHotel, easyBus and more. Interesting fact: in 2017, Stelios was the first resident of Monaco to sign the donation Pledge, according to which billionaire patrons give a significant portion of their annual income to charity.

Mohammed Al-Fayed

His fortune, which is currently estimated at 1.62 billion dollars, 89-year-old Egyptian businessman made in the UK, being the sole owner of the most famous London Department store Harrods. After selling Harrods to the Qatari government in 2010 for 2.4 billion pounds, he still owns the Ritz hotel in Paris and 75 Rockefeller Plaza in new York. Al-Fayed also owned the Fulham football club, which he sold for $ 300 million in 2013. Mohammed al-Fayed has lived in Monaco for many decades, where he saw many Hollywood stars, and in 1956 attended the wedding of Prince Rainier III and grace Kelly. Interesting fact: for a long time, the yacht Sokar, on which the son of Mohammed al-Fayed Dodi proposed to Princess Diana, occupied the first place in the rating of the "coolest" megayachts. It was on this magnificent vessel that Dodi and Diana spent their last summer vacation. Later, the yacht became a target for paparazzi. Mohammed al-Fayed almost stopped using it and eventually sold it for $ 35 million to a colleague in the oil business. However, the yacht Sokar can still be seen in Monaco today.

Alexander Vic

The 63-year-old Norwegian businessman is included in the Forbes list of billionaires at number 2124. His fortune is estimated at $ 1 billion. Vic comes from a Norwegian fur merchant dynasty, was born in Norway, grew up in Sweden, and studied in the Canary Islands and at Harvard University. Alexander Vick invested in a variety of industries, from insurance to closed-end funds, but his greatest financial success was in the field of modern technology. Today, he lives in Monaco with his wife and four children. Interesting fact: Alexander Vik does not forget his roots: he is the owner of the Christiania brand, which produces vodka according to a 400-year-old recipe invented at the court of king Christian IV of Norway.

Michele Ferrero

Michele Ferrero, a famous Italian entrepreneur originally from Doliani, who is known for his" sweet Empire "" Ferrero", also could not resist the special charm of the Principality and moved here. One of the wealthiest businessmen in Italy took over the management of his father's successful confectionery company, Pietro Ferrero, in 1957, and since then it has been difficult to compete with its authority in the market. It was he who initiated the launch of everyone's favorite Nutella chocolate paste. Today, the Ferrero Group includes brands such as Nutella, Ferrero Rocher, Tic Tac, Rafaello, Kinder and Mon Chéri. In 2015, Mikel passed away at the Princess grace Hospital in Monaco at the age of 89. The funeral ceremony was attended by Prince albert II


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