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If you have not yet decided on the choice of the next region of "walking", it will be useful to go through the top places of European yachting. There are four countries in our top five: Croatia, Spain, Greece and Turkey. Why they are, where exactly to go, what to expect and what to prepare for-in this material.


Croatia has long been in the top among European yachtsmen. And this is understandable: the cleanest Adriatic sea, picturesque towns on the coast, developed infrastructure and relative proximity make the region extremely popular for sailing holidays. Not so long ago, Croatia was one of the most favorite countries among Ukrainians to pass A bbs (BareBoat Skipper) license, because, to all its advantages in the "pre-visa times", it was also added that until 2013 it was not a member of the EU, and it was easy to visit it.

Croatia has long been one of the most popular destinations among European, and especially German, yachtsmen

Croatian yachting is concentrated around Dubrovnik, split, Zadar (Dalmatia region) and the Istria Peninsula. The country has more than a thousand Islands-inhabited and deserted, rocks and reefs-so you can find places for every taste, even coming to Croatia from year to year. There are a lot of Charter companies, the fleet is large and good, and the yachting is comfortable. A separate advantage of the region is that the routes are well described. This makes it easier to plan transitions, especially for novice yachtsmen.


Split, Croatia

However, the barrel of Croatian honey has its own percentage of tar. And let's start with the weather. Croatia can be quite unpredictable in this regard. The region is famous for the local wind "Bora", which suddenly falls from the mountains and in a few hours can spoil the weather for several days. The boron usually blows for three days. Charter companies recommend to refrain from going out when the wind is higher than 6 points on the Beaufort scale. Although without their recommendations, the pleasure is rather dubious. Especially for the skipper, who is responsible for the crew and boat.

In such a situation, the team is often likened to an idle army: discipline falls, moral decay increases, everything exhausts the skipper with questions "when will we shoot?", they are angry at each other because of the spoiled rest, and the BBSS who come to practice pass a crumpled program. The decision to take a vacation under sail is usually made in advance, often six months in advance, when Charter companies give the most attractive price offers. Therefore, to gather a company for a romantic cruise on the Adriatic, and instead go on excursions or sit in the bar at the Marina, waiting out the Boro-this risk always exists.

The second "scourge" of yachting in Croatia is quite high prices. To Sality there for a long time loved the Germans. And under their requests – and, as a result, wallets – the local yacht policy is built. Therefore, prices are rapidly climbing up, somewhere even breaking through the border of common sense.

The high season in Croatia is from June to August. And prices for marinas and buoys are also high during this period. Yes, the infrastructure is excellent and almost every Marina will welcome you, help you dock and send harbor masters if necessary – but you will have to pay for it in full. In September, prices are lower, but in the second half of the month, the weather begins to deteriorate, and the sea – to cool.

One of the most comfortable – but also expensive – are the marinas of the ACI Marinas chain (Adriatic Croatia International Club). For Parking a 45-foot boat in the season, you can pay 300 euros / night – which is very noticeable for many. A simpler Marina can cost about 120-150 euros, and a buoy – 60-70 euros. You will have to pay for electricity and water separately, according to the meter.

However, Parking lots are often full during the season. And to be sure to Park, you need to book a place in advance or come around three or four hours. In addition, on peak days (Friday evening and Saturday afternoon), when the yachtsmen are taking the boats to change or just go to sea, the marinas can be quite dense and uncomfortable traffic.

One of the ways to optimize your budget in Croatia is to choose to spend the night not in marinas, but at anchorage in countless local bays.


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