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Tips for men: how to choose the right underwear as a gift to a girl?

How to buy underwear as a gift to a girl

Any man will be happy to see his chosen one in charming underwear. Imagine this amazing charm of flowing silk, the tenderness of light lace and the touching innocence of cotton. Underwear can literally transform a woman, to the delight of her and her partner.

Choosing women's underwear is not an easy task for a man

Why do representatives of the stronger sex not often pamper their loved ones with such gifts?

Let's hear the main reasons:

"I don't know its size»;

"I'm not sure she'll like it»;

"I'm too shy to buy women's underwear»;

"Let her buy it and I'll pay for it."

It is worth starting with the last statement, as determining the question of the fact of purchase.

When a man buys a Thong

Lingerie is a great intimate gift, showing that your relationship has moved to a new level. This is a special degree of trust, when you are not just a couple, but literally two halves of a single whole.

Believe me, women will gladly accept both an elegant negligee and a playful erotic outfit. Why? Yes, just because they will be sure that you like these clothes.

It is often more difficult for a woman to dress up for a date than for a man. As she turns in front of the mirror, she asks herself the same questions as you do in a lingerie store. Will you like it? Will he appreciate it? By purchasing a set that you like, you make her more than just a gift – because a woman will be sure that this underwear is exactly to your taste.

By the way, about the sellers – they are absolutely not worth being shy about. In a good store, the consultant knows exactly how to choose women's underwear. It will become your lifesaver and Google search engine in one person, easily finding among dozens of kits exactly what you need.

Green light to the Internet

It is much easier to buy women's underwear online than in a store. Of course, in a boutique you could touch the material, but often just describe what you need to get what you want.

Buying on the Internet saves time. Underwear will be beautifully Packed and delivered to the address you specified at a convenient time for you.

You can even send your purchase directly to your home. On this day, you should return early – most likely your favorite will meet You right in the new clothes.

So, you are ready to please your chosen one with elegant panties or a playful garter. It's time to move on to the question of choosing the right gift.

Determining the size

When choosing a bra, look at the size, model and color

It's very simple-check the size of your favorite underwear. You will see the letter XS, S, M, X or XL on the panty tag. This is the size label, just like on Your t-shirt.

The bra will be a little more difficult: there you will see a combination of numbers and letters, for example, 75C. Here "C" is the size of the bra cups, and "75" is the volume of the chest

Always check the underwear that a woman is wearing right now. Remember that she may have gained weight or lost weight since last summer, when she was wearing your chosen g-string or swimsuit. It's also a good idea to record the manufacturer. Some companies produce small-size products – and there is nothing worse than a set that turns out to be too tight.

Sometimes you can find the designation "One size" on models. This means that the item is made of a very elastic material and is produced in a single size.

Which model is the best?

She will definitely appreciate your gift!

Don't know how to choose women's underwear? First of all, decide when your chosen one will wear it.

The set "for every day" should be first of all convenient. Look in the closet and see what models your favorite one prefers. Be guided by the color and material, as well as by the style. Remember, she will feel this underwear on herself much longer than you will see it. So convenience is at the top of the list.

When choosing erotic underwear, be guided by both her preferences and your own taste – it is very important that the chosen outfit really appeals to you.

By the way, do not get lost at the sight of the store's huge assortment. Feel free to go to a consultant and ask them to find what you need. Believe me, many girls do just that.

What you can't buy

First of all-a complete taboo on shapewear, unless the woman herself asked for such a set. Believe me, for the weaker sex, the idea of "I got better", seasoned with "he noticed it", is as terrible as for you to refuse a promotion.

Know the measure. Should not unrestrained to fulfill your own fantasy, choosing garish-bright bra with low cups or fashionable With a g-string covering only the area of the perineum. Remember, a woman will not be able to feel relaxed in underwear that is uncomfortable for her.

Pay attention to the material. Perhaps she is allergic to synthetic lace or prefers only natural fabrics.

When choosing underwear, discard for a while the attractive image of a model advertising a corset or bodysuit. Try to imagine your beloved in the chosen outfit. Consider your skin tone, hair color, and body shape.

In the right underwear, your chosen one will be irresistible

A few words about color

A win-win option is black, white, or flesh. These colors are suitable for everyone without exception, and they can be worn not only on a date, but also at work.

This is a great solution if you have recently met and have not yet had time to study the tastes of your chosen one, but want to buy her women's underwear as a gift.

Want a little brighter? Then carefully choose the color.

Blondes with light skin will suit delicate pastel colors: pink, pistachio, delicate lemon or blue.

The charm of dark-haired, white-skinned ladies will emphasize a deep purple, blue or rich green.

If Your partner has tanned skin, feel free to take exotic colors-light green, purple, orange, as well as bright shades of blue and green.

If it's not a set, what is it?

Choosing underwear as a gift to a girl, sets of panties and bras are bought most often. But you can pamper your favorite and more refined outfits.

Bustier-refers to corrective underwear, but it will be appropriate as part of an erotic set, with decorative lacing, bows or rhinestones.

T-string panties – even if your girl doesn't wear a Thong, you can buy them as a racy accessory. In this case, they can be without a bra, as an independent part of the costume.

Combination – you can choose it in combination with an existing set, or combine it with revealing panties.

Feel free to experiment with accessories

Corset – can be any: from delicate lace to stylized leather. Just don't overdo it.

Body – only if Your chosen one likes such underwear for every day. Otherwise, choose special erotic models.

A belt for stockings and garters is an ideal option for a sexy image. Just make sure that your beloved has stockings in her wardrobe, or buy them too.

By the way, do not combine panties from one set with a bra from another. Even if you really like the top, and the bottom is clearly not in the taste of your chosen one – still do not combine. The difference in cut, finish and material will always be noticeable.

For the most loved ones

If you are so close that you are happy to give each other not only passion, but also home comfort, the appropriate gift will be a pre-bed set. This can be a luxury shirt, a chic negligee or just very soft and comfortable pajamas.

In cozy pajamas She looks familiar and close

Here you can choose simple, even funny models – after all, the main thing is the comfort of your chosen one. Believe me, she will be happy with such a gift no less than an exclusive scarlet corset.

And it will prove to her that you love her not only "fully armed" with female beauty, but also in the early morning, sleepy and without makeup. Believe me, such trust is worth a lot.

Now you have a secret that your friends can only dream of. You know how to choose the right underwear for your favorite. Discover new secrets of women's underwear with us, and you will surprise and delight even the most demanding chosen one!


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