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The world's richest footballers.

The transfer market is going crazy. This is where the players and their agents, who receive a lot of money, win. There are a lot of young people in the top ten highest-paid players of 2019. But Gareth bale did not get to the top because of the disruption of his move to China. In the middle Kingdom, a Welshman could receive $1.2 million a week... 10. Matthijs de Ligt and Frankie de Jong - €16 million (£14.4 million/$17.8 million) Young Dutch stars Matthijs de Ligt and Frankie de Jong are in the top 10. Transfers to Juventus and Barcelona, respectively, helped them significantly enrich their pocket. At Matteis, you can add very decent bonuses to the fixed amount of payments.

9. Luis Suarez - €16.7 million (£15 million/$18.6 million) On the 9th position in the rating, you can find the Uruguayan star of Barcelona, Luis Suarez. He doesn't have much time left to stay in the top. A veteran can save his position, except for moving to China in the next season. 8. Antoine Griezmann - €17 million (£15.3 million/$18.9 million) Griezmann really wanted to move to Barcelona, although experts say this transfer is not the smartest and most far-sighted. It is likely that the Catalans were hasty (or late) with the signing of Antoine. Moreover, the team has yet to pass the test of the Spanish football authorities on this route. Or even a check from UEFA. Whatever the case, Griezmann now has his own position in the top 10. 7. Kylian Mbappe - €17.5 million (£15.8 million/$19.6 million) Another star Junior who has not yet managed to curb his pride. At PSG, Mbappe is very good. He is also a world champion in his youth. However, Killian now dreams of titles in Europe. And ready at any moment to leave Paris, which warmed him.

6. Ezequiel Lavessi - €23.1 million (£20.8 million/$25.7 million) Paris feeds more than one footballer's family, giving players fabulous incomes. But during his time playing for PSG, Lavessi did not even dream of the money he now earns in the Chinese super League. But in terms of game level, he is not a top-10 person in the world. 5. Andres Iniesta - €27 million (£24.3 million/$30.1 million) Iniesta earned his insane earnings. He dedicated his entire career to Barcelona, forever writing his name in the history of the club and the Spanish national team. Now in Japan, Andres is not just basking in the rising sun, but also pleases tens of thousands of fans in the stands with his football.

4. Alexis Sanchez - €28.8 million (£26 million/$32.1 million) A footballer whose salary is discussed, at least by the whole of England and all the fans of Manchester United. Sanchez doesn't even earn half his crazy money at old Trafford. The Chilean is one of the classic examples of a failed trasfer. 3. Cristiano Ronaldo - €31 million (£27.9 million/$34.5 million) With the top 3, I think everyone understood everything from the beginning. Recently, all three of the main stars of modern football played in the Spanish Primera. Now only Messi is left there. Cristiano in his years of Christ is quite content with a position in the top 3 in Turin and a "modest" 31 million euros. 2. Neymar - €36.8 million (£33.2 million/$41 million) If the Brazilian gets paid for all the scandals he gets into,he could be number one in the world. However, in football terms, Neymar has not worked out these crazy amounts for a long time. His future in Paris is in doubt.

1. Lionel Messi - €40 million (£36 million/$44.6 million) Lionel Messi is still number 1 in the world. However, it is unlikely that even the main haters of the Argentine will raise the language to say that Messi does not deserve his 40 million euros. He proves his importance to the club every year without unnecessary questions and scandals.

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