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The truth about Danish men

The Scandinavians have a unique culture, full of special rules that you need to know to understand them. The observations that I am sharing will bring you a little closer to the Scandinavians and help you build a comfortable relationship with them.

10 qualities you will definitely appreciate in Danish men:


Many cozy evenings can be spent with Danish men, lighting the fireplace, drinking wine and listening to good music. They know how to find joy in simple things - this is their native art of hygge. In Ukraine, a couple of years ago, everyone actively began to comprehend this art, but they did not fully comprehend it, without a Scandinavian nearby it is too difficult.


They have a real sports culture. The Danes are very careful about their shape, often go to the gym, go for a run in the snow and rain. That is why men look good even at an advanced age.


The Danes do not count by months, but by weeks. Already in January, they know exactly what they will do in the 32nd week, for example. This protects them from stress, unfulfilled cases and surprises.

Equal responsibilities

In fact, being a Dane's wife is very convenient. They are well aware of gender equality. You do not have to take on the whole life, because household chores are equally divided. They love to cook very much, it is quite normal situation if only a man cooks in the house. She cooks deliciously, even baked goods!

They are good fathers

They love to spend time with their children and are well aware of their responsibility towards them. In Denmark, you can often find fathers walking with their children. They bring up children in a special way, based on their convictions: everyone has the right to his life and his choice. They never put pressure on their children, after the age of 14 they introduce them to work, but in general they try to give more emotions and impressions of childhood. Even with a divorce, dad spends 3 days a week with his child and at least one vacation.


Danes believe that no one can know what's in another person's head, so it's okay for them to ask honest questions and give honest answers.

so that the conflict does not flare up. This is how, in their opinion, you can build harmonious relationships.


They are very respectful of people: they smile at strangers on the street, caring for their good mood; they always say thank you for everything - this is generally their favorite word; they are never late because they value your time; try to keep promises, and conduct dialogues in the most correct form. And also this respect is shown to another culture, language, traditions. Denmark has one of the largest communities of Ukrainians that develop, spend their holidays and meetings.


They like to live comfortably and this is manifested in everything: in houses and apartments, which they equip in light colors, with a minimum of furniture and a maximum of technology; in backyards with a place for grilling and relaxing; in the obligatory five! the weeks of vacation they spend in warm countries; in 4 working days; in a short work schedule; in the simple and comfortable things they wear. You will surely appreciate such a comfortable life in a week and will hardly go somewhere very far.


Not to be confused with tight-fistedness. They know how to count money, know the price of things, and plan their budget correctly. You will not meet a Dane spender, you can always be sure of his stability and a well-calculated income. In Denmark, salaries are high, even for cashiers in a supermarket. Therefore, saving in this case means unwillingness to overpay for a product or service.


If you walk into a restaurant in Denmark in the middle of the day, you will hear ... silence and a barely audible whisper. It will be quiet and peaceful in your house, music will rarely play or TV sounds will be heard, all conversations will be calm, and guests will be polite. And you will know your neighbors only as nice and smiling people.



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