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The shocking truth about Dating in Japan

Have you ever wondered what Dating in Japan is like?

Then let's try to find out!

First of all, you should understand that Dating Japanese for foreign women and men is radically different. If You have ever been to Japan, You may have noticed that there are a huge number of foreign guys going hand in hand with Japanese women. And at the same time, not many foreign women can be seen next to a Japanese. Why is this happening? It may be a secret that we will never find out, but there are many theories about it! Many Japanese women want a guy who will tell them several times a day how much he loves them. For some reason (perhaps because of the large number of Western films), Japanese women think that foreign men do everything that way. They are not afraid to show their feelings in public or tell their girls how they feel about them. Of course, having a foreign guy is "cool" and "exotic". Some just use these poor guys as a cute "accessory". In a literal sense, this is called "foreign hunter", and some will do everything in order to give birth to a child from a foreigner, and later quickly abandon it.

For foreign women, this is a completely different story.

The Japanese seem to expect certain things from foreign women. And they are afraid that a foreigner will not agree to do this, for example: to settle at home, take care of children, always pour sake into his empty glass, and so on. Maybe they also think that a foreign woman can expect her man to show his feelings for her several times a day, which a shy Japanese just won't do. Another problem is that many Japanese seem to be afraid of their poor knowledge of English and therefore do not approach foreign women. Most foreign men, on the contrary, do not have any problems with Japanese women on the basis of English or even broken Japanese.

# Dating in Japan for foreign men

It is usually quite easy for men to start Dating in Japan. At least, it's easy enough to get one Japanese woman after another into bed, even if the man is not ordinary-looking! For some reason, Japanese women think that even ugly foreigners are more attractive than the Japanese. But this applies to light and windy relationships. The task is a little more complicated if you are looking for a serious relationship with a Japanese woman, especially against the background of Japanese women, whom I mentioned earlier, who want to get a foreigner as an "exotic accessory" for a short period of time or just want a child with mixed blood.

# Dating in Japan for foreign women

In the case of foreign women, the situation takes a completely opposite turn. Japanese guys are often too shy, scared or something. As a result, it is extremely difficult to find a mate in Japan. This is far from impossible, and there are many girls who not only meet Japanese, but also married a Japanese, but these are still exceptions! Some of the girls will be going through difficult times in Japan. Some girls may start to feel completely unattractive at some point in time. Of course, girls get a lot of attention from others, but this is not because someone is flirting with them. In large cities such as Tokyo and Osaka with a more international community, it may be easier to find a partner, but in small cities and rural areas with more traditional ideals, this can be a very difficult task for a foreign woman.

# Differences in relationships

This may not always be the case with everyone, but it happens for the most part.

In the relationship of a foreigner with a Japanese woman

In a relationship where the man is a foreigner, there is a tendency that the couple mostly speaks his native language. Although they live in Japan and sometimes already have children who also speak Japanese, foreign men do not know Japanese. They are not able to do anything on their own. When asked how they purchased their mobile phone or credit card, they simply say they don't know because their wife did it for them. Therefore, they do not see the need to learn Japanese, because their wives will take care of everything. One big problem is that in Japan, a man earns money, but the budget is still managed by a woman. A man receives only a small allowance every week or month and must ask his wife's permission if he wants to spend more than his own income. Not all men want to put up with this, and in such cases, quite often there are situations that result in divorce, even when they have children.

In the relationship of a Japanese man with a foreign woman

In this case, you can notice that in most cases, the foreign woman speaks Japanese. They learn Japanese properly or put a lot of effort into improving their language skills, even if the Japanese person speaks their native language. They know how to survive in Japan even without the help of their husband or boyfriend, who is at work most of their time. Such couples get along relatively well. Of course, there are plenty of reasons to argue, but on the whole they seem to do better than a foreigner+Japanese couple.

# Conclusion

There is much more to be said on this subject. I am sure that everyone has their own opinion on this matter, and perhaps experience! You have to be careful when dealing with the Japanese. Although I did not mention this in the article, but Japanese men also quite often can look for a foreign woman only as a "pretty accessory", but not because of any serious motives. But you should not lock yourself in, because you can miss a very good person. You just need to add a pinch of caution...


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