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The role of emotions in relationships

In the last article, you learned how to turn down a girl you don't like. Today I will talk about the importance of emotions in a relationship with a girl. What does a woman really want? That's right, a decent man. But who is he? Calm, balanced, reliable, right? When a young lady meets you like this, she'll sit in a cafe for a couple of evenings with a bored look and send you away. Why? You showed her all your best qualities! What's wrong? It's because she didn't feel anything with you. A woman chooses not with her head, not with logic, not according to a list of priorities. She chooses with her heart, her intuition, her sixth sense. By their nature, they are emotional, so they constantly need an extravaganza of feelings. What matters to her is what she feels next to you. And she will choose a man who charges her. Emotions are the colors you use to color your relationships. They are important not only in the beginning. They should be given all the time, so as not to get stuck in the routine.

Emotions in relationships:

Positive. Negative. Emotions are the food of a relationship.

What is important to know about emotions in a relationship:

Food in the form of emotions should be of high quality and expensive. This is something that will recharge you, because you choose only the best. Experience emotions together, it brings people much closer. For example, someone likes to receive gifts, and someone-to give. This is a two-way pleasure, it is a good charge of joy. Emotions are a situational thing, that is, they arise in response to what is happening. This is your reaction to events. In order for you to experience emotions, you must create situations that will cause them. Build plans so that they have cool incidents. Color your life as bright as possible! When emotions end in a relationship, routine begins. This is what happens if you relax and start going with the flow. Are you sure you're not floating on it anymore? Note that we are all drawn to emotional people. They are more interesting to us than the bores, aren't they? Be the one you want to reach out to. Women want simple things, but no one understands this. Your task is to rock it, give it a positive and new look. Alternate negative and positive. It is not so important to give a positive or negative emotion. It is important to give it. It's the same thing, so you have to be different. Love the girl gently and roughly to satisfy all her emotional needs. Don't let her know what you're up to today! Let her always have action with you. The presence of negative emotions that you have given will help you avoid brain drain. The girls are starting to fuss when they do not have negative waves.

Positive emotions in a relationship:

Gratitude. To call her, please the girl with what she loves, help in business, problems. The feeling of gratitude will inspire her to do you a favor in return. Joy, surprise, amazement, interest from adventures, travel, quality time spent together. Make sure that your life is full of events and diverse. Instead of becoming a complete degradation with chips and beer on your belly riding on a soft sofa. Care and affection are feelings that depend on each other. They will be called by your attentions. For example, reminders to take mittens when it's freezing. Or if you cook a delicious dinner when she is late at work and does not have time to cook it. The consequence will be a feeling of gratitude to you. Passion is extremely important. Make her want you. Even if you have been together for several years. Be well-groomed, diverse, love yourself and take care of yourself. Seduce her, conquer her, subdue her, subdue her.

A woman likes to be seduced. It's just that men don't know how to seduce.

Admiration, pride, satisfaction. Give her something to be proud of. Be the best that she admires you. She should be impressed with your new two-pack abs after the gym. She should be proud of the deal you made and the extra zero in your stash. She'll want to reach out to you because she's your woman. And it will become more beautiful, more successful, more interesting, because you set an example for her. Peace of mind and confidence. Need any girl who builds relationships. She wants to be sure of the future. And that you will have time to collect enough for a trip to Alushta. And that on New year's eve, you are one hundred percent going to her parents. She wants to know your plans in advance and not worry about how upset her mother will be if she doesn't see you. And a new swimsuit will never come in handy.


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