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The relationship of men to women.

A woman can easily recognize whether a man is serious about her, thanks to very simple signs. It remains only to read them and learn not to ignore them.

Everyone knows that every man wants to solve such a riddle as a woman. However, it will be appropriate to say the opposite, because each person is eccentric and mysterious in their own way, it can be difficult to predict not only the female, but also the male attitude. You can never tell from men whether they think that Your relationship is a fleeting passion or whether they are determined to build a strong family and aim for a long relationship. But there are signs that can "give it away".

He doesn't have much time, but there's always time for you

Time is an important criterion, because in the modern world there is not much of it: we are always in a hurry, we do everything on the run, and sometimes there is not enough time even for the closest ones. It is easy to determine how strong his feelings are. If he has only a few days off a month, if he is constantly interested in how things are going and how the day went, and asks about plans for the next month, this indicates his serious attitude. He wants to spend more time together, communicate and see each other. So, such a man's favorite woman comes first. But there is one important caveat. He doesn't care how you spend your time together. He is always happy to meet, even if it is just sitting in a cafe for a Cup of coffee or watching a movie. If it becomes clear that a man makes appointments only for sex – his priority is not a woman, but a physiological need.

He's a generous man

A man in love is capable of amazing things, he is ready to impress and win. He also wants to show himself in a better light. About a serious-minded man will say broad gestures-amazing dates, dinners in expensive restaurants, gifts, posh bouquets. Do not think that this way he wants to buy the love of a woman. He just likes to please his beloved. And I want to show that she was not mistaken in choosing a cavalier – after all, in the modern world, the success of a man is characterized by material well-being.

It seeks dialogue

A man will not talk to a woman for hours on end if she means nothing to him or the dialogue is not interesting. Moreover, he will not re-educate her and convince her of his rightness, his point of view. Fleeting love does not involve finding out the relationship, finding a compromise and interest in each other. This is what a man will do if a woman is dear to him and he wants to build a serious, long-term relationship.

He has certain feelings

Psychologists have identified 3 main feelings that show that a woman cares about a man: Tenderness. Even an authoritative man will melt at the sight of the lady of his heart, especially if he considers her as a potential life partner. He is not soft because of this feeling, the man just becomes caring, sensitive and attentive. Not to be confused with softness. It protects and protects the woman as the most valuable treasure. Jealousy. If a man is not serious, he does not care who constantly writes to her, what he does in the evenings and with whom he spends his free time. A relationship-oriented man will immediately "mark the boundaries". Some may not even speak, just one look from him is enough for a woman to understand that it is not worth talking about a rival. Amazement. It doesn't matter how many dates have passed, how well people know each other. A man will be surprised, and praise the virtues of women, at any opportunity.

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