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The most unusual restaurants in Canada.

People don't come to these places just for dinner. There are many different restaurants in Canada that serve delicious food, but let's admit that sometimes you want something unusual. We will introduce you to 10 unusual restaurants in different parts of Canada, where you can try unique dishes or enjoy a non-standard atmosphere.

1. The Grizzly House / / Banff, Alberta

At the Grizzly House hotel in Banff, there are the usual familiar items on the menu, and there are also very "Amateur"ones. Here you can challenge your taste buds by tasting alligator, rattlesnake, shark, or frog legs.

2. Coombs Old Country Market / / Coombs, British Columbia

The Old Country Market is certainly one of the good places in Canada. Why? Imagine here on the roof of the house walking goats. They " mow " the grass and very much entertain guests of the market and just passing people. Here you can have a snack (pay attention to the pastries) while watching these cute animals.

3. Oasis Surf // Montreal, Quebec

Oasis Surf invites you to discover a restaurant whose concept is unique in Canada. Le Turf restaurant gives you the opportunity to enjoy a meal or drink while watching surfers try to conquer the wave.

4. O'noir / / Toronto, Ontario& Montreal, Quebec

The main idea of this restaurant is that the meal is carried out in complete darkness, and the entire room is shrouded in darkness. In such an environment, nothing prevents a person from focusing on food. When you enter, a waiter greets you, shows you the menu in a dim light, you immediately choose, then they close your eyes and take you to a table. Note that half of the staff are blind waiters. The goal is social rehabilitation of blind people who cannot regain their sight.

5.Dinner Between Heaven and Earth // Different locations

Treat yourself to a unique one-hour dinner! What makes it unique? Guests of the restaurant rise in the air to a height of 50 meters and experience a lot of impressions of the view and, of course, the dishes. The platform accommodates 22 people, who are accompanied by cooks and waiters. Dinner at the table, hanging in the air, is sure to be remembered for a lifetime.

6. Signs / / Toronto, Ontario

This is the first restaurant in Canada fully staffed by deaf waiters. The restaurant offers a booklet with instructions on the menu and photos on the walls to help guests learn sign language and communicate with the staff. Here you can not only eat, but also learn new communication skills.

7. The Cave Restaurant //Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

The unique architecture of The Cave will ensure an extraordinary dinner. Yes, you will indeed have dinner in the cave. When you get to this restaurant, it seems that you are visiting the Flintstone family!

8. Crystal Hut / / Whistler, British Columbia

This is one of the best romantic restaurants in Whistler. Its main feature, of course, is the spectacular view of the mountains. The facility is located at an altitude of 1844 m. They say that they serve very delicious waffles here.

9. Great Viking Feast / / Saint Anthony, Newfoundland and Labrador

Also known as Lightkeepers Seafood Restaurant, this is a real theater for 100 people. Entertainment is guaranteed as you are transported back to the Viking age with a special performance, delicious food and drinks.

10. Eigensinn Farm / / Singhampton, Ontario

The Stadtländers family grows their own vegetables, keeps their own livestock, and daily catches fresh fish from Georgian Bay. They serve dinner at their farm house. You can also enjoy their own maple syrup and honey.

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