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The man's character will give you ice cream

Men have a big sweet tooth, just like children. Do you want to know what your man is like? Watch him eat ice cream.

The character of a man will give ... ice cream

What kind of ice cream does he prefer?

Popsicles. These are youth varieties, for those who like to get the feeling immediately and do not tolerate waiting. Men's tastes are traditionally considered more sour - currant and kiwi.

But if a young person prefers a sweet fruit taste, it means that he is soft, kind and accommodating.

Creme brulee is a real gourmet ice cream. Lovers of creme brulee love to "taste" life in all its manifestations, writes sex-news.ru.

Ice cream is a classic. It is loved by older men who prefer family values, respect traditions, and retro fans.

Ice cream in a waffle cone is chosen by capricious men who like to give free rein to their hands and firmly believe that it is impossible to refuse them.

Popsicles are preferred by insecure men who necessarily need something tangible in their hands, at least a stick of ice cream that you can hold in your mouth, turn in your hands, play with it.

Ice cream in a Cup is the choice of people who are reserved and pragmatic, do not give free rein to their feelings, do not allow themselves pleasure that can get their hands or clothes dirty. Such people maintain good manners even when they are alone.

Ice cream bars are chosen by those who live in the same rhythm with modern life. He bit twice and then ran on. Even such ice cream is loved by those who love to constantly have access to a small pleasure.

How a man eats ice cream

- If greedily bites off large chunks, fills his mouth full, it means that he is ambitious, always goes ahead, does not recognize workarounds, although he can find a way out of any situation. However, a person who eats so greedily can hardly be considered well-mannered.

"He licks the ice cream daintily, covering his eyes with pleasure?" This is a very charming man who can knock the ground out from under your feet with his charming smile and romantic mood. This man is very homely by nature, and he does not care in which woman's house he will feel comfortable. If not in yours, then in another.

- Looking at how carefully a man unwraps the ice cream, first eats the icing, then gradually bites off pieces of ice cream in a circle, getting to the filling, you can understand that he is overly neat, prudent, likes constancy and does not tolerate surprises. In other words, this is a pedantic bore. Communication with him, and especially life together, is very similar to a boring movie, where time drags on and nothing happens.

- If you meet a young man who eats ice cream in reverse, that is, from the bottom up, know that you are looking at a person of super complex character, a stubborn person who does not stop until he reaches the goal, and lives on the principle: "I am always right." The actions of such a man can not be predicted, it is full of surprises and riddles. This man is a godsend for those who value unpredictability.

- A man who simply, without any tricks, eats ice cream, without making them this presentation, without admiring the taste - a man who wants to get the most out of life. He is not used to paying attention to small things, ready to sacrifice a lot to achieve the goal. He has his own views on everything in this life, established principles that he follows, it is interesting to communicate with him. Such people only sometimes allow themselves a little respite, such as a cold treat.

"A man doesn't like ice cream at all?" Perhaps he likes the bitter more than the sweet, or is ill with something. But those who do not like sweets, as a rule, are subject to depressive States and bouts of bad mood. To such a gentleman, you need to look closely to understand what is wrong with him and whether it makes sense to contact him.


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