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The Maltese husband is a Paradise for women

Warm Mediterranean sea, mild climate, clean beaches, scenic views, festivals and archaeological sites. All this is Malta. It is cheaper here than in Europe to learn English, it is easier to find men with serious views on love. Love, beauty, warmth and new experiences are just what women are looking for in life. Tired of cheating, cold winters and gray days go to Malta to stay forever. The conversation is not about immigrants, but about love.

Maltese treat the family with respect, there are no divorces here, it is stipulated by law. Prostitution and abortion are prohibited. Paradise for women who dream of a strong family with children and a loving husband. In the archipelago, they are willing to marry foreign women, often Russian.


The first marriages with Russian girls were made by students studying in the USSR. Even in times of stagnation, dark, stately Maltese, who spoke English easily, made an enviable match for fellow students. The first Russian wives won new relatives with their beauty and economy. Those who came from a cold country with empty shops were happy about everything.

Later, in the two thousandth, new wives came here first for English. Then they fell in love and stayed. Not every parent could send their daughter to study abroad. The wealth and social status of these girls from not poor families strengthened the marriage. Besides, Russians are more beautiful than Maltese women, less capricious and ambitious.

Hopes and despairs of contemporaries

The world has changed. There is a lot of negative things that prevent you from staying and living in a marriage in this picturesque corner of our planet. Marriage in Malta is only for love. Sham marriages are prohibited, unions whose purpose is immigration are criminalized. The special commissioners are surveying the suspicious pairs. The wedding ceremony here is not a cheap pleasure, from fifteen thousand dollars and up. Housing for newlyweds is given by the bride, and the husband will support the family in the future. Divorce, as mentioned above, is prohibited at the state level. This is why Maltese people often postpone marriage in order not to make mistakes. Because of the ban on abortions, a fifth of children in Malta are born out of wedlock. The religion on the Islands is Catholic. Marriage with our Orthodox women is allowed if they consent to the upbringing of children in the faith of the father. This is confirmed legally. Foreign citizens are not employed in the archipelago. Hundreds of papers are required for a work permit. Therefore, Russian wives are more often financially not well-off, depend on their husband. Malta has a measured, unhurried rhythm of life, and a girl with an active lifestyle will soon want to leave this sleepy Kingdom for another energetic country. It is difficult for an intellectual who reads books and is engaged in self-development to find like-minded people here. According to statistics, an adult in the archipelago does not read even one book a year.

But marriages continue to occur. After all, this is why Maltese love Russian women. Those are not afraid of difficulties. These women have a big heart. And if he does, it doesn't matter what the "cons"are. Russian beauty is sacrificial and beautiful, sensitive and generous. Warm and comfort, forgive and understand. Here are the Maltese kneeling before our Queens, offering their hand and heart!

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