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The male body as art.


Every woman has her own ideal of a man's body. Yet this ideal is usually endowed with about the same virtu All women want the chosen one to be a real man, to be strong and able to protect their fragile companion. Of course, a mountain of muscles and a strong torso are not the main indicators of masculinity, but still the male body plays no small role for women when choosing their likes.

At different times, there were their own standards of beauty of the male body. For example, the sculpture of the ancient Roman youth Apollo Belvedere, created by an ancient sculptor, and to this day his body is considered ideal.

Not long ago, fifteen or twenty years ago, this topic was forbidden at all. But today, it is increasingly appearing in print, on TV screens and in women's conversations.

Today, the aesthetics of the male body excites most men. A man's figure is reflected both in his career and in his personal life. Some modern men, like women, can spend hours looking at themselves in the mirror, looking for flaws.

Male body: 3 types It is customary to distinguish three main types of male physique: endomorphs, mesomorphs and ectomorphs. 1. male endomorphs are characterized by wide hips, short limbs, a round face, and a short and thick neck. They are also prone to obesity. 2. men-mesomorphs have an athletic build – a wide chest, a long trunk, developed muscles of optimal structure and proportional limbs. 3. and male ectomorphs have a lean physique. They have long limbs, a short torso, a very thin layer of fat and elongated, elongated muscles. However, in real life, the classic representatives of the "pure" type are very rare. Usually the body of each man combines two adjacent types of physique.

The type of physique that prevails in a person depends on the strategy of training and nutrition that is necessary for him to create a sports figure. However, pure somatotypes are almost not found, and most real people combine the characteristics of all three types of physique. It should also be remembered that this theory was originally developed for men and is not always applicable to women.

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