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The importance of love in business.

I am young, I can afford to walk freely and enjoy beautiful girls until I am 24-28 years old, which is what I do in my young life, but I would like to share such an observation as falling in love and love in our lives. To be Frank, for their years I loved only 2 times, although the number of girls already exceeds the number of girls for N-N-N, the first time I felt a euphoric feeling and wings behind my back at the age of 14, somehow I fell in love with an unbalanced child's psyche, ran like a stupid boy in that period of time, I noticed that I had no special problems, and if they were, I eliminated them much faster and better than myself, although what can be problems in these years?

Last year the second, although it may not be love, but the bold italics of N-N-N number, but you know love in a person's life is not a replaceable thing, only because it teaches us to live mentally, brighter and fabulously many who have communicated with me, know me as a ladies ' man who is constantly surrounded by girls, I Wake up in the morning and read SMS messages from several girls dear to me, and this gives me a big energy boost for the whole day, when you know that you are loved, you love and do everything for the sake of that love. I always wanted to create a strong and harmonious relationship with my favorite girl, I wanted to arrange something unusual for my girls, which they have never had in their life. After all, it doesn't take much - just imagination and creativity. By the way, one of my Internet projects is dedicated to this topic, seduction, sex, creating strong and harmonious relationships, do you think it's just like that? No, you are far wrong, if I take up something, I try to think and plan ahead, I try to learn and help other people, many of the posts on this blog are studied and practiced together with you, so I can say that I created everything consciously and not for the sake of money, but what love is for read below.

Why do you need love?! We have to endure a lot of stress, frustration, fatigue and many other things that surround us every day, so that's the kind of love you need in order to experience it faster, more effectively and most importantly easier! You know how good it is sometimes to just call your favorite girl and say, " Princess, how are you?", and in response to hear: "- I love you", this is the love that is very important in the life of every person, musician, entrepreneur, sea captain and any other person. Perhaps you now think that I just fell in love like a Lazy, no guys you are wrong, I am not in love at all and my heart is not in active search, there is a beautiful girl who appeared in life, recently I feel at ease with her, I feel good and nice to communicate, pay her my attention, but this is not love, although I honestly formed a phobia for this love after the 2nd love, it hurts damn it, however :)

And so, love gives us: - Motivation - Help in overcoming problems - Life incentive - New goal - Brightness of Sunny days - So it's not boring I don't know how to tell you all this, but really love gives a very big motivation in life, especially young people who want to take a girl to good restaurants, give her flowers, gifts and start immediately to take care of themselves, work more to make her feel good, rising in career personally, although perhaps does not notice it, many begin to change their lifestyle, move to another apartment, city, country the morning begins with a Cup of coffee, and morning sex, change their hair, appearance and most importantly for the better, for love is a very strong motivation for every person. I encourage everyone to fall in love, love and live together with her, because no one motivates you like real love, spermatogenesis in your head, thoughts about how to make her happier, damn it's actually cool! I now have several girls in my life who surround me almost every day, some are friends, mistresses, girls with whom I am in a relationship and women who surround me every day, giving their love, attention, support and sex.

Once one of my girls influenced my life so that I decided to categorically change my views, goals and plans, she was my first love, who taught me to instill a love for reading books, learning Chinese and being a man, not a rag! The second made me understand that you can not worry so much about breakups, problems, become more tough on girls and people, keep your promises and always be one step ahead. I'm not talking about other qualities that I try to develop in myself every day, all because of that very love, it is love that makes a young man take up his head and move away from drugs, alcohol, throw all the bitches and start earning an apartment, and not live in a communal apartment until life completely presses against the wall, love makes each person stronger and more interesting in the soul, and bitches only satisfy a physical need.

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