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The best restaurants in Italy, 8 places to visit.

Italy 343 restaurants are marked by the red Michelin guide, of which 8 were awarded 3 stars. Coming in first place, France has 616 Michelin-starred restaurants. However, the highest award - three Michelin stars around the world awarded only a few dozen institutions, eight of which are located on the Apennines. The annual presentation of Guida Michelin Italia once again confirmed the gastronomic superiority of the northern regions over the southern ones. The same trend is relevant for restaurants with three Michelin stars. Interestingly, in 7 of the 8 best restaurants the chefs are men. We talk about the best restaurants in Italy, and also offer a comparison of their prices from CupoNation. Piazza duomo Restaurant Piazza Duomo opened in May 2005 in the historic center of the capital city of Alba. Over the several years of its existence, the restaurant managed to make a name for itself, and today it is very popular. The address of this institution is known to every gourmet in the city. The restaurant manager is a young and very talented chef Enrico Crippa. Together with his brigade, he “conjures” all day over dishes, constantly surprising the most demanding visitors with something new.

The restaurant is famous for the richness and variety of dishes on offer. The menu includes fish, seafood, mushrooms and much more. Crippa and his colleagues skillfully turn the most ordinary dishes into real works of art that only talented chefs can do. But it attracts customers not only the culinary art of the chef, but also a special pleasant atmosphere created by modern designers. Across the ceiling of the Piazza Duomo is a fresco by Neapolitan artist Francesco Clemente. Inspired by the landscape of the Lange region, the painter depicted giant grape leaves.

Da vittorio Restaurant Da Vittorio on Cantalupa 17, Bruzaporto, in the Lombardy region, relies on fish and seafood in its cuisine, combining them with sophisticated recipes. Among the specialties are Iranian black caviar, “St. Peter's fish (tilapia) with spaghetti with cuttlefish and beans,” “Jerusalem artichoke soup with black truffles.”

Pescatore The Dal Pescatore restaurant in Canetto sul Ollo, near Cremona in the Lombardy region, is located on Localita Runate, 17. It was founded by the grandparents of the current owner, Antonio Santini, who has been managing it with his wife Nadia since 1974. The dishes served on the table are prepared according to old family and traditional recipes, slightly adapted to give a more delicate taste. Pearls of the local table: “saffron risotto with fried artichokes” and “duck with balsamic vinegar”.

Le calandre Restaurant Le Calandre, which first received three Michelin stars in 2002 and continues to hold them until now, is located on Liguria 1, in the town of Sarmeolo di Rubano near Padua in the Veneto region. The chef of the restaurant, Massimiliano Alagmo, was awarded the title of “Mozart Cooking” for his art and skill in cooking. The secret of the taste of his dishes is very simple: Massimiliano buys all the products himself every morning in the markets and in the shops of Padua, and when compiling recipes he is guided only by his imagination. In this restaurant you can enjoy "saffron risotto sprinkled with liquorice" and "black cuttlefish cappuccino."

Osteria francescana An absolutely amazing place is the restaurant Osteria francescana in the city of Modena in the Emilia-Romagna region. All gourmets and a chef from all over the world come to this restaurant to learn from them. Round tables with snow-white tablecloths. In the middle is a black stone with two tulips and a silver basket for bread. The walls themselves are white, there is no excess on them, only photographs of local celebrities. It’s better not to look at the restaurant’s menu, because it’s very large. In choosing it is better to trust the waiters. They will advise on dishes and a suitable wine. The restaurant's diet includes olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

The signature salad here is Caesar salad: its ingredients are not like those that tourists are used to seeing in it. The food here is not at all like what is served in other restaurants. An instruction is attached to it, which describes how to eat a dish. A lot of different dishes are prepared for vegetarians here.

Enoteca pinchiorri Enoteca Pinchiorri Restaurant, located in Florence on 87 Ghibellina Street, combines French charm and Italian taste. The peculiarity of his cuisine is that all dishes are prepared according to traditional Tuscan recipes using French cooking methods. Here you will be served “double ravioli stuffed with burrata cheese (a mixture of cow's milk and mozzarella cheese) and guinea fowl, served with parmesan cheese and meat juice sauce”, “red mullet fillet with olives, with cream of potato, lemon and Turkish peas in rosemary”.

La Pergola

La Pergola Restaurant, called by many culinary critics of Rome “the best restaurant of the city”, is located in Rome Cavalieri, 101 Cadlolo. This restaurant serves Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. A special gourmet menu includes, for example, such gourmet dishes: “White Pearl Oyster, grilled with baked pumpkin and herbs”, “whole grain pasta with red shrimp, smoked eggplant and coolie eggplant cooli,” “terrine from rabbit with artichokes and beets ”,“ veal cheeks with curly indivi leaves, Burat cheese and puffed rice with chili peppers ”.

Reale, Кастель-ди-Сангро

Since 2000, chef Nico Romito has been managing the Reale restaurant with his sister Christiana. Romito is a self-taught chef deeply attached to his native Abruzzo. Since 2014, Reale has had three Michelin stars. Romito began his career in the city of Rivisondoli, in a bakery, which his family turned into a small Reale trattoria. In 2011, the chef moved the restaurant to Casadonna, a former monastery of the 16th century in Castell di Sangro. Romito had not only the talent of a cook, but also the talent of an entrepreneur, and in a short time he created a bright and recognizable culinary language. Everything was combined in the new restaurant - both high cuisine, and excellent products, and service. The average cost of dinner is 120 euros, a bottle of wine - 40 euros.

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