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The best NETFLIX love movies you must watch.

Those people who have ever seen something from NETFLIX will not let me lie that this company makes great films and TV shows. You can watch them constantly and enjoy the acting.

Now I will give you a list of films that you can watch with your soul mate.

1. Kissing booth (2018)

School time. The main character - Elle, has never kissed.

However, having decided to take part in the autumn carnival in the "Kissing Booth" she did not even think that her first kiss would be presented to the impudent Noah, who broke more than one girl's heart. After this kiss, everything turns upside down ...

I liked the film, a very interesting idea, there is something to see, so to speak.

2. The stars are to blame ( 2014 )

Where is without an old and kind film, where at the end you shed tears.

It was this film that pity me for the first time, the actors really played this film, when watching it, my whole body was covered with goose bumps, because I involuntarily had to imagine what the lovers were feeling.

Those who have not yet seen this film, I advise you to watch it, because it is not for nothing that it is so popular. As for me, the Titanic was the pinnacle of the drama at the time, where everyone cried over Leo, and in our 21st century, such a film can be called "The Fault in the Stars".

3. An exciting time ( 2013 )

The protagonist of this film is Sutter, a high school student. He is always in the spotlight, a charming asshole who lives for one day and does not make any plans for his future life. Alcohol is always near him and when his girlfriend leaves him, Sutter gets very drunk and, waking up, realizes that he is lying on the lawn, and an unfamiliar girl is standing over him.

4. REAL SCHOOL (2017)

We are again transported to school, where the main character - high school student Dani, dreams of going to veterinary college. She is an inconspicuous girl, but in this story she does not become the most beautiful woman in school, no, everything is more difficult, because these are not fairy tales, but real life, where there are real friends and traitors who can set up and disgrace at any moment.

5.Love, Rosie (2014)

This film only makes you shiver when watching the trailer, there is nothing to say about the whole film. Love that began with friendship, passed through each other's mistakes, and as a result the realization that you can love only one person and no one else.

6. Perfect date (2019)

I will tell you very briefly about this film, almost without describing it. Yes, everything happens at school again, the main character wants to enter a prestigious institution, but this requires money. and then you can see what happened.

Why did I describe it like that? Because the film is truly mesmerizing. When I first wanted to watch it, I turned on the trailer and watched. Ten minutes later, I realized that something was wrong, because I had been sitting for a long time, and it didn't look like a trailer, everything was described in too much detail, and only then I realized that I was mistaken. That is, this film pulled me in from the first seconds, so I advise you to watch it.

7.Christmas for two (2019)

Another favorite movie starring Emilia Clarke!

She plays as Kate's girlfriend, who doesn't give a damn about her future and drinks heavily while working in a Christmas store.

But, as it happens in good films and fairy tales, she meets Tom, after which her life changes.

8. Why is he? (2016)

The strangest movie about love that I have seen, but I will not dissemble, I adore it. There are oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-a lot of jokes, both vulgar and simple, and just as many authors showed the main character's love for his beloved. But he needs to get to know her parents, and this turns out to be a test for him, because he is a driving guy who does not hesitate to express himself, and they are people of old orders and habits. Will they be able to find an approach to each other?

(Secretly, my boyfriend didn't want to watch this film, but then, through repeated persuasions that lasted more than one month, he succumbed and almost from the first minutes said that the film was awesome and very funny.)

Also here you can watch other films about love.



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