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The art of seduction: what is the secret of French lovers?

Why are French lovers considered experts in the art of seduction — what is the secret that is not available to men from other countries? I wonder who first concluded that the French are the best lovers? The same age as Napoleon, the same age as de Sade, the same age as Belmondo? What do we know about the French? Suppliers of fine wines. Specialists in smelly cheeses. Aesthetes, foodies, fashionistas and-again! "beautiful lovers. This stereotype occurs in the brain, stable as a law of nature, without causing a shadow of doubt. Especially if you think of Vincent Cassel, Louis Garrel, and Gaspard Ulliel. All three at once. They say that the French do not take liberties, and l'amour à trois ("triplet") is far from the limit.

Perhaps world fame began with a kiss. From the French kiss, as the British called it in the last century, out of pure envy. Even then in Europe it was known that the French can not be bypassed on the love front, and a passionate kiss "with the tongue" became the hallmark of amorous authority. But before the first kiss, you need to experience the acquaintance and date, which with the French is always like a holiday. They know how to seduce, enjoying an exquisite flirtation, and therefore look sincere and confident in their feelings. How can you doubt who is leading you as if in a dance? In addition, they take care of their appearance, managing to look elegant even in pink shirts and at any age.

Going on a date with a Frenchman, you should follow three commandments: put on a nice dress, relax and have fun. The second is more difficult, but with a lot of nice bonuses that you will remember all your life. They really can do beautiful things-no matter what you're thinking. In fact, there is no clear analogy for the word "date" in French, which means there is nothing to be nervous about. There is the old-fashioned term rendez-vous, which includes everything from walking with an aunt to visiting a doctor. A French date is a time of tête-à-tête plunging into romance, not a sit-down at a Starbucks where you question each other like an interview.

Be ready to be in a gallery, a restaurant, the Bois de Boulogne — anywhere, you will feel like a Queen who is courted to the death. Do not worry about the impending heat of romance. To talk to a Frenchman is sacred: he just needs to dazzle you with wit, ease and a fine knowledge of art. At the same time, you will feel a sincere interest in your person, which is worth a lot in our indifferent days. And, of course, the French have no moral problems with the transition to sex. Make love (in the same Bois de Boulogne), confess your feelings, or ask you to marry-acceptable options for the development of events. From the point of view of the Frenchman, nothing here contradicts logic: if you did not get to sex on the first date, then something went wrong. The French lover is not in the clouds, but perceives reality in all colors, including shades of gray. When it comes to relationships, it has an impressive range of concepts and options. Residents of a country whose capital is recognized as the City of Love are taught from an early age to deal with feelings-not in the Absolutes of love "for life" or parting "forever", but in a wide range of possibilities. Instead of aiming for a happy ending or a full ending, the French are comfortable with ambiguity and relationships of varying levels of passion — from average to fire hazard. And speaking of passion, they don't worry about physical imperfections: the same unadulterated comfort encourages them to give themselves completely to love, with or without light, without worrying about how perfect his (and your) figure is.

They know a lot about secrets and believe that mystery is reasonably good for the relationship. The Frenchman will not leave the toilet door open while he is doing his business there, will not rush to change his status on Facebook or confess everything that happens in his life to his partner. Maintaining personal space is very important for both men and women, and a partner does not necessarily mean "best friend". A woman in the understanding of a French man (like him) has the right to many friends-acquaintances of the opposite sex — and the partner does not have to know about them. Freedom above all-statistics say that 55 % of French men have at least once cheated on the second half, while remaining faithful to respect for women. "Yes, we want to treat you to champagne and oysters, buy underwear and jewelry, give you flowers and admire you. It sounds old-fashioned, but all these desires are awakened in us as soon as we start walking and talking — - admitted the actor Jean Dujardin in an interview. — The French are lucky — we got a lot of charisma and a sexy accent to boot. Perhaps it's the Mediterranean lifestyle, the wine, the cuisine, and the way you dress. We hold the door open, offer our hand, and stand up when the lady sits down at the table. We just know what the hell we're doing and always remember: lady first, and in sex, too. The French, perhaps, have only one disadvantage: we love to complain." Oh, dear Jean, what the hell difference does it make?


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