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The art of communicating with Brazilians for a successful date

Brazil is a country of football, carnivals, sun, beaches and sex. This is how "pilgrims" from all over the world go to Rio or Sao Paulo to get everything at once. It is best, of course, to come to the country when there are some major events, such as football Championships or carnivals. But, in principle, even without mass celebrations, Brazil is always ready to please tourists. However, it is important to note that another country implies a different culture. This means that you need to know how to properly meet local women. And this will help with recommendations from the personal relationship adviser and Dating coach-Heidi Gee.

Learn local habits and culture

Of course, you do not need to become a Brazilian scholar, but it is worth remembering several aspects: Brazilians do not speak English EN masse, and those who do often use Portuguese words in conversation, the meaning of which you need to know. Brazilians, including local women, do not like people who know absolutely nothing about their country and culture. Or, on the contrary, they stick to the cliche that Brazil is the Latin version of Thailand. Brazilians like men who can keep up a conversation and flirt. And we are not talking about chatter about the weather, but about the ability to formulate more interesting proposals. For example, instead of a question: "do you want a beer?", you need to ask: "pour some beer?". In General, you need to be erudite.

To understand Brazilian culture at least a little, you need to come to the country a couple of times without the intention of meeting "the most beautiful priests in the world". But, thanks to the Internet, today you can find friends among Brazilians and improve your Portuguese even from Kazan.

Come to the carnival

So, if you are ready to go to conquer the Brazilian beauties, it is best to do it during the carnivals, which the locals call "the period of infidelity". The easiest way is to enter a procession and start communicating. At some point, kissing and flirting will become part of the celebration. Of course, this method is suitable for those people who feel at ease in a crowd of strangers.

Don't set yourself a goal to meet someone

As already mentioned, local women are not very positive about tourists who view their country only as a place of sex. So just enjoy it. Communicate, drink and dance, in the future, the situation itself will go in the right direction. And if it doesn't work out, remember: tomorrow will be a new day, and new opportunities

Communicate with women wherever you are

Returning to the fact that Brazilian women love talkative men, be ready to meet them wherever you are: a football match, a beach, a bar, a carnival, a private party and other places. The time of day and the General situation for Brazilian beauties do not play a role, the main thing is to be confident and relaxed.

Be confident, but don't be arrogant

Unlike Australians and Swedes, about Dating whom I wrote earlier, Brazilian girls like more assertive and confident men. All the fault of the hot temper of the local population. Also, do not be surprised if the girl herself takes the initiative, in Brazil this is the norm. But, at the same time, do not be impudent and do not forget about politeness and respect. And then instead of sex, you can get a bottle on the head or something worse.

Don't expect sex on the first date and be ready for it at any time

In contrast to Europe or Australia, the probability of sex on the first date in Brazil is much higher. However, do not take this as a "given", because there are no rules for Brazilians when Dating. In General, with a girl in a Motel, you can be about an hour after meeting, or you can spend the whole day and stay with nothing. It's like a lottery, but the odds of winning are a little higher.

Be prepared to pay for the girl

Although we do not have such a rule (mandatory) as in the West, when everyone pays for themselves or the bill is divided in half, yet many Russian men, once abroad, quickly adopt the European trend of not paying for women in cafes. As for Brazil, there are no specific norms of behavior (as you can already see from the frequency of use of this phrase-Brazilians are not supporters of the rules at all). So some girls are willing to pay for themselves or split the bill. But in order not to seem like a cheapskate, it is recommended to clarify this point immediately. Just do not need to ask directly, as in European women, and it should be done more gently and tactfully.

Girls are late and not ready for a serious relationship

In principle, it is unlikely that you will go to Rio to search for a long and serious relationship. But, if anything, you need to take into account-the girls here always consider several options. So do Brazilian men, although it is not necessary to tell girls about it. In General, the point is that when a local beauty says: "see you again" is not always true, and most often it will not be possible to meet her again. Such is the temperament in this country. And yet, Brazilians have difficulties with punctuality, so if you have an appointment with a local girl, do not be surprised at her lateness, sometimes even very long.

Use Tinder

If you can't get acquainted at a bar or at a carnival, then Tinder is the most convenient option. In terms of popularity in using this app, Brazilians are second only to the United States. Therefore, online Dating is quite a normal practice here, even for very beautiful girls.

Be prepared for anything

Finally, it is worth noting that in Brazil you need to be prepared for a very different outcome of events. Starting from the fact that no one will come to the appointed date, and ending with the fact that the popularity of local girls will be even higher than initially wanted. In General, let me remind you: Brazil is not the abode of sex, but the country of fun, so you just need to relax and have fun.


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