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Ten perfect cars for a first date

It used to be easier: you ask a girl out, pick her up, and pass out before the first kiss. Today everything is much more complicated, because it has become so difficult to surprise girls. Why not entrust this work to the car? I offer you ten perfect cars for a first date.

Jaguar XJR Vanden Plas 2003

This is what happens when you ask 19th-century furniture designers to build a car. This car is so English that it should come complete with a Cup of tea. This car is certainly able to surprise your soulmate, just do not forget to dress appropriately!

Nash Metropolitan

If you pick up a girl in this car, and she asks with a smile on her face where you forgot the back part of your car, then you did not make a wrong choice. A great option for the price, just try not to crash somewhere, and then nothing will remain from the front.


Why is this car named after the American TV series "CSI: crime Scene"? Maybe the series is named after him? Why is it so popular? Why is the exhaust pipe located almost in the center of the rear bumper? Did the manufacturer know that perfectionists would go crazy over this? There are a lot of questions that have not been answered, but this car was, is and will be one of the best cars for a date.

Mercedes SL600

By showing up on a date driving a luxury car with a meaty V12 under the hood, you show your significant other that you have good taste and can afford an expensive car. Whether this is true or not is up to you, but this car will be the perfect starting point for a long and successful relationship.

Volvo P1899ES

A great car with a nice exterior and interior. If you dream of the legendary E-Type, but do not want or can not spend a huge amount of money, then this option is perfect. Arriving at the wheel of this car, you will turn your first date into something unforgettable.

Mercedes-Benz UNIMOG S404

When you go on a first date, your hands are shaking and sweating, you are worried, and you definitely should not meet idiots on the road who can shake your already weakened nerves. If you drive this car, no one will dare to approach you, so your mental health is not in danger!

Seat Ibiza 1990

Look at it: excellent condition, shiny body, brand new wheels – just the perfect car! Four-cylinder engine, five-speed transmission, which had a hand in the company Porsche – for a small car from the early nineties is just the limit of dreams. What is the special feature? The fact that no one expects you to arrive on a date in a Spanish car!

Lancia Fulvia 1975

Perhaps the best classic Italian car available today. Let it eat gasoline, but it is definitely worth it, because the joy of driving this car you will get a huge amount. By the way, your girlfriend will also be delighted. And it's okay that you have to stop every couple of kilometers to fix another breakdown, but you will have a great time together!

Lincoln Mark VIII LSC 1998

This unique car taught a lot of people to understand Roman numerals, and then came Lancer Evolution and took the place of the main teacher. Your girl will be delighted, because the car gives the impression of a luxury sedan and sports car at the same time! The car is quite powerful, it looks quite good even by today's standards, in addition, the air conditioning and radio control is on the driver's side, so your half will not bother you with your favorite music!

BMW M Roadster 2000

So we got to the car that was created specifically for first dates. Why? First of all, it only has two seats, and it has enough power to make any show-off swallow dust. In addition, even after fifteen years, this car looks so cool that any iPhone-addicted girl will pay attention to it. In short, the perfect car, take it without hesitation.


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