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Taurus Horoscope. Apr 21, 2020


Apr 21, 2020- Relationships are very much about give and take, and with today's planetary transits, you are extremely aware of how much you are giving, and what you are receiving in return. If this bothers you in any way, then there is no point in smiling sweetly, yet quietly seething within. The nature of this issue needs to be addressed. Thankfully, today you can do so with grace and candor.


Apr 20, 2020 - Apr 26, 2020- You've been meaning to clean house in some way in your work and money life, and this period provides just the right combination of energies to get it done. It's a great time to update your resume and look for a new job, if you want to, or gain the attention of superiors for plum assignments. Volunteer for the best ones and you may get a raise, too.


Apr 21, 2020- You can easily gain psychic vision under the current planetary influence and thus get a preview of the area of your life associated with health and wellbeing. Ask yourself what you see, and take notes. Keep in mind that you are asking for your own benefit - what is in store for you? To help you keep hold of this ability, be sure to maintain a healthy diet that includes a great deal of fresh produce and pure drinking water. Your body is the lens through which you see the future.

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