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Take a bath together: romantic, or not the best idea

If you and your loved one decide to take a bath together, it may not be as romantic as you think from the beginning.

Taking a bath together-it looks romantic only in the movies. In fact, this event has " pitfalls“ that you are sure to stumble upon if you decide to lie in the bath together.

1. It is small

Very, very small. The bath is designed for one average person, and it is very difficult for two people to fit in it. Swimming together is a good option only if you have a decent-sized Jacuzzi that you can fit in without sitting on each other's heads.

2. Where to put your feet

And really, where to put four big feet? Yes, anywhere. You can try to sit facing each other, but one of you will have to take the cuttlefish pose. Or turn your back on him and sit between his legs. Just be careful, there are “fragile items".

3. Sex is like torture

Of course, your naked and hot bodies will crave sexual caresses, and you will certainly try to make some kind of love act. But be careful: the bathtub is slippery, and the tiles on the floor are too. Any careless movement can result in injury for you.

4. Wine is not the best solution

If you decide to have a romantic evening in the bathroom with wine and fruit, be prepared for the fact that after the first 100 grams of wine can come intoxication.

5. Increased sweating

In hot water on your body will constantly be breaking a sweat. On the forehead, above the lip, in other places. They will run down your neck and chest. And if you forgot about makeup, it will also flow in thin dark streams directly into the water, and it will not look very sexy.

6. You may get bored

Yes, it is worth taking care of in advance. If you are not afraid to carry a laptop or tablet to the bathroom, you can download a series of your favorite TV series. Or we'll have to talk

7. Dispute about water temperature

If you are both comfortable in the same water temperature – this is a beautiful, but rare phenomenon. You will want to add hot water, and he will be sweating and begging you not to. Or Vice versa. See that it doesn't come to a conflict.

8. Lubrication

And again about sex. If you do not mind the danger or the size of the bath, and you still decided to make love, then there are two more things to consider: first, the water is washed off the natural lubricant, which makes the act more painful than pleasant; secondly, if the soap foam gets on the delicate skin of the genitals, then you will curse sex in the bath for centuries.

9. To wash or not to wash

You can just lie in the bath, of course, but why waste water so thoughtlessly? You should still wash, otherwise the event will be devoid of any meaning. And then an awkward moment: you need to wash in all the hard-to-reach places, both for him and for you. Well, guys, good luck with this difficult task.


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