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Swiss Man.

A husband is fate. A Swiss husband, even more so. You can't just meet him on the street. Twenty years ago, the hunt for foreign husbands was not so obvious. But in each of us there was a quiet delight in everything foreign. And only men "out there" seemed to be something unusual.

A Swiss man sees his wife primarily as a partner, and this is in sharp contrast to the attitude to a woman that we are used to at home. Adore a woman and give her feelings, and at the same time and gifts, the Swiss do not know how. If he has already married you, it becomes unclear to him why you need to dress in all the best and most expensive possible. If you spend your own or someone else's money on it, they take it for granted. The most important thing for him is that you do not demand his money.

Of course, it's best to make some money and have your own money. This is where many women face the problem of how and where to get a job. Younger girls have every chance to retrain or confirm their education. It is best for them not to waste time and choose the direction of their future activities, judging which profession is faster and easier to get a job with a decent salary. If you have the opportunity to participate in your husband's business, be careful that he does not start saving for you (on your salary). For women over 40, the problem is sometimes unsolvable, and you have to put up with an unglamorous job and a meager salary, or even worse — the constant grumbling of a retired husband or on the verge of it. The avarice of the Swiss has long been proverbial. It is impossible to change this national trait. Learn to avoid it.

Meet with a Swiss man for a serious relationship is the dream of many girls around the world. This is not surprising, since Switzerland is one of the few countries that has managed to maintain unbroken stability in a crisis – ridden Europe. And this is noticeable in the mentality of the local population. Having managed to marry a Swiss, you will probably notice in your chosen one the characteristics of a confident European. But to make this dream a reality, you need to work hard and hard. First of all, you need to understand what a Swiss man is and what are the characteristics of his character.

The Swiss know how to count money – "for the soul" purchases are made rarely, funds are spent only if it is necessary. Accordingly, they value prudence very much in people.

Swiss people are good fathers, they always participate in all activities for preparing for childbirth, and after them – in education. Swiss men love to walk with their children in the many local parks.

The Swiss are very polite and calm people, but they clearly set the boundaries of their space. They are proud of themselves and their rich country.

The Swiss are hard people. They have always lived in an environment of unfriendly companions, so it is important for them to clearly distinguish-their own or someone else's. It is very difficult to become your own here.

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