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Surfing in Australia

Australia is without exaggeration considered a sea Paradise for surfers, the so-called Mecca of surfers. There are no such conditions for riding a wave as on the Australian coast anywhere in the world!

And it doesn't matter whether you are a Pro or just getting acquainted with such an extreme sport and recreation as surfing, every self-respecting surfer dreams of dipping his Board into the coastal waters of the green continent.

Australian flavor

The green continent is simply created for active water sports such as conquering the waves. Perfect tropical climate, stunning Golden beaches and luxurious waves breaking on the shores of unique beauty-all this is Australia.

You can surf here all year round. The continent is washed by two oceans and is at the mercy of ocean currents, which provide conditions for the formation of unique waves almost around the entire perimeter of the coast. The water temperature here never drops below 22°C, and in the hot season (which falls here in November-February) can reach 30°C (is this not Paradise?).

But if you are a true connoisseur of this sport, then come here between February and April. It is during this period that the world-famous stream of surfing competitions begins in Australia – the qualifying world series.

Here you can not only watch with a sinking heart how world-famous surfers conquer the most obstinate and dangerous waves, but also show yourself, as well as get on the Board for the first time, receiving advice and recommendations from the most famous stars of "wave" sports.

Almost all beaches are fenced with special nets against sharks, because these inhabitants are found here, alas, in abundance. But thanks to modern means of protection, predatory attacks on people have not been recorded for more than 40 years.

Catch a wave!

Surf in Australia can be literally everywhere! World-famous points to ride the wave are recognized as:

• Gold Coast (gold coast). Almost 57 km of coastal ocean expanses, allowing you to enjoy surfing at any time of the year. This place is known all over the world among connoisseurs of this sport and recreation. The area is carefully protected from sharks, so this place is not only a lot of surfers, but also just tourists-lovers of beach holidays. Here comes the world's longest wave on Snapper Rocks beach-Snapper rocks.

• Great Ocean Road and Twelve Apostles (12 Apostles and the Great ocean road). The beaches of the largest war memorial with the most picturesque views of the 12 rocks, called the 12 Apostles, are ready to host surfers. The most popular place for this is considered to be the Apollo Bay (Apollo) and the iconic Bells Beach (bells beach).

• Northern Sydney beaches (Newport, Narrabeen, Dee Why and Avalon). Here, apart from surfers, you can hardly meet anyone. There is no place for idle rest.

In addition, Australia has a lot of beaches for unique races on the waves on a surfboard:

- the coolest beach Whale Beach (whale beach), where surfers come for the unique wave wedge Whale Beach Wedge, formed in the Northern part of the beach due to breaking waves on the rocks;

- unique curl-Curl Beach (Curl-Curl beach), which got its name due to the unique swirling waves several meters high, formed due to the numerous shoals off the coast;

- popular among beginners in surfing beach Long Rif Beach – long Reef beach) - here the waves are very soft and smoothly rolling, thanks to the southern currents and westerly winds;

- stunning Shark island-this place is only for professionals! This is a sharp-edged reef with an ocean depth of only 2 m. Incorrect calculation of take-off on a wave - and cuts, abrasions and blows simply can not be avoided. By the way, there are no sharks in the vicinity, and the island got its name due to its shape;

- ;- NewPort Beach (Newport beach) is suitable for both regulars and beginners. On one side of the beach, long soft waves form, and on the other – known for surfers "barrels", and all this converges at one point. The point is to very accurately calculate the passage through the "barrel", so that you can then go out on a smooth wave, which will then take you to the shore;

- - South Australia will give surfers a shot of adrenaline on the Limestone Coast and the Floro Peninsula (Fleurieu), Eyre (Eyre) and York (Yorke);

- - Tasmania is famous for its wave crests in the area of bruny Island, Hobart, as well as at Morava (Marrawah), Devonport (Devonport) and Launceston (Launceston).

There are no waves? There is wind!

No waves? You can ride the wind! In Australia, there is another popular water entertainment that allows you to combine the water surface, surfboard and wind. A huge kite can not only ride across the ocean expanses, but also lift into the air, lifting it off the surface of the water.

This all makes it possible to implement kitesurfing, the active season for which falls on the green continent in October-April. This sport is actively gaining momentum, and the name is no longer surprising for fans of active water recreation.


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