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It is difficult for a strong woman to be the partner of a weak man. Of course, the concepts of "strong" and "weak" are relative. You can't create an accurate portrait of a guy without a character. However, you can identify certain features that pull a strong floor to the bottom. Every girl should know them to understand what a strong and weak man looks like.


First of all, it is necessary to understand that a strong man, not necessarily pumped up. In addition, the guy has every right to Express emotions, sometimes even cry. Such traits do not make him weak. The main thing in a partner is a clear Outlook and a confident view of the future. A weak man drowns in his own vices and sins. Most often, it is characterized by the following qualities.


There are guys who don't know how to be responsible. They have no desire to look for work or help around the house. They just want to lie on the couch, eat, and watch TV. Sometimes go to the toilet. But if they had their way,they would refuse this need. Such men are drowning in their own hedonism. They don't care about others. They are proud, in the worst sense of the word. If the partner is not ready to change for the better, it is better to abandon it. With it, you will not be able to create a full-fledged cell of society.


All men are selfish. They are used, first of all, to realize their own ambitions. However, everything should be in moderation. If a guy doesn't value a girl, then he's not a man. He's just a weak creature who can't take care of anyone else but himself. A real loving partner will do everything to win the favor of his "Queen". At the same time, continue to bend your own line and move towards the dream. A girl should understand that it is not necessary to force her to choose between herself and work. A good guy will do everything to succeed in all endeavors. It's just that sometimes you need to give a strong man more time.


In psychology, there is a concept, passive aggression. For a man, the law literally binds his hands. He has no right to hit a girl. This is condemned by both society and the law. It is not surprising that a weak man begins to use manipulations and forbidden techniques. He finds the weak points of the beloved and begins to put pressure on them to assert himself at her expense. Such relationships are called abusive. A woman should run away from the abuser. You can't be happy around him. The guy will suck out all the life force, and then leave and go look for a new victim. Like an energy vampire, it destroys everything it touches.


Weak guy does not know how to listen. Only his speeches are important to him. Usually, such a person is empty-mouthed. He always says something, promises something. When everything comes to implementation, it tactfully merges. Begins to lie and manipulate. In addition, he is not interested in what is happening in the life of his partner. He lets all the information pass by. It will not remember the dates of birth of loved ones. For him, there is only his birthday. He is owed everything, he is owed to no one. Most often, such "men" do not know how to take criticism. Any attempt to say that he is wrong will turn into a scandal. A normal guy, after any conflict, tries to draw conclusions, to understand who is right and who is guilty.

A weak man will continue to believe in his own infallibility. It is like a car rushing into an abyss. It can't be stopped, the brakes have long since failed. Or, to use more appropriate words, " the balls have long been behind the rollers."


Guys rarely show feelings. It is difficult for them to show love, joy, and sadness. However, the strong man will be able to forget about the pride of the neighborhood with a real woman. He won't turn into a rag. It will just show emotions when it is necessary. In turn, guys with a small letter will never say thank you even for help. They're too weak-willed.


"I'm with him as if behind a stone wall." A template phrase, but it is used quite often. A girl tends to perceive a guy as a fortress. She wants to be sure of the future. Therefore, holding the hand of a Man, the lady forgets about all the hardships.

A weak guy will not even try to become a support. Will continue to lead a passive lifestyle. It's better to run away from him and find someone worthy.


The fair sex is defenseless. They want support and understanding. For a girl, the most important thing in a relationship is the ability to contact and come to the rescue. Of course, the guy is unable to solve all the problems of his beloved. However, he must try to comfort her with words and deeds.

A guy without a rod won't even try. For him, there is only him. He built a fortress around himself. It is not completely clear why such people start relationships. Most likely, they are looking for a second mother who will support them. It's a pity, but men with an Oedipus complex are becoming more and more.


A weak man and a strong man are completely different. It is worth understanding that a worthy companion in life can recognize their own mistakes. He often takes the first step in quarrels. The bad couple will start acting up and making their own claims. It is easier for him to prove that the girl is guilty. This "object" will never change. He is a constant that should just be removed from life.


A real man has a number of positive qualities that attract all girls. It is necessary to strive for this ideal in order to become a worthy representative of society.


"The kid said, the kid did." No matter how caricatured this aphorism sounds, it corresponds to reality. A good partner will be crushed to death, but he will fulfill his own promise. For him, words are not empty sounds. They are a prelude to action.

Therefore, men must learn to achieve their goals. You don't have to say it, you have to do it. Girls, though they love ears, but they do not go far.


A guy should understand that relationships are also a responsibility. You need to support them, fill them with love. Do not constantly loom before your eyes or sacrifice your work. It is enough just to show that a loved one is not indifferent.

A strong man can always find the right words to support his beloved. Besides, he would do everything possible to make her happy.


Girls are attracted to partners who use their language well. A guy who competently expresses his thoughts looks much more attractive. After all, after the release of the series "Sherlock", many girls have a fetish for erudition. Therefore, you should use it and constantly expand your own horizons. After all, intelligence is the new sexuality.


Smart people constantly analyze their own actions. It is important for them to understand what they did right and where they made a mistake. Which qualities help to achieve success, and which negatively affect the creation of a bright future. Such a man is not afraid to admit his own mistakes. In addition, he will always listen to the words of his beloved. After all, he understands that behind every great man, there is no less a great woman.


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