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Stockings are weapons of mass destruction for men.

A woman in beautiful underwear is especially beautiful and attractive, confident. Stockings are a very special item of women's underwear, incredibly sexy and magnetic. Representatives of the stronger sex adore when a woman wears stockings and find it insanely beautiful and exciting. But why are men so strongly attracted to stockings, what is the secret of this, at first glance, unpretentious wardrobe item, which was actually borrowed by women from men? Men themselves usually can not say exactly why their minds are so excited by the image of a woman dressed in stockings. Perhaps it is a man's love for women's legs. This part of the body seems to them extremely elegant, sexy. Since ancient times, long legs are considered beautiful, there is a theory that it is due to ancient instincts-tall women have always been considered healthy and hardy, and, therefore, able to produce healthy offspring.

Although, after all, psychologists are more likely to assume that men are attracted not so much by the legs themselves in stockings, but by the triangle located in the upper part of the legs, that is, stockings, in fact, ideally emphasize and focus attention on the female genitals. In addition, a woman in stockings embodies one of the male weaknesses-a slight understatement. Mesmerized by watching the legs in stockings, a man experiences a real flight of imagination. This is an ideal combination – when a woman is kind of dressed, but at the same time the pieces of her naked body become even more "naked" than if she were without stockings. Such a woman looks mysterious to a man and literally beckons him to solve her secret. Images from movies and the media also influenced men's love of stockings. No erotic film is complete without a beauty in stockings, and not only erotic. Countless characters, the epitome of pure sexuality and beauty, he was wearing stockings. And if you take another anime – all images of tender, innocent young girls with cute stockings, a kind of combination of purity and seduction, literally mesmerizing men.

Of course, the considerable eroticism of stockings is also that they are much easier to remove than the same pantyhose, and what is even more piquant-they can not be removed at all and directly have sex in them. The fantasy of this literally disarms a man, and seeing a woman in stockings, he can feel a certain element of accessibility, the possibility of" easy " sex, even if it is not so, but in this case it is about fantasies. Women, in turn, have different attitudes to wearing stockings. Some believe that when they put on stockings, they immediately become more confident, feel their femininity and sexuality. No other item of clothing is able to give such a feeling. There are also some women who do not like stockings, consider them vulgar and vulgar, but such a minority, of course. There are also some women who consider wearing stockings too uncomfortable, although they will not agree with the lovers of stockings, who consider them much more comfortable than pantyhose. Sexologists believe that in order to cause a man to have a rush of desire and become more attractive, it is enough for a woman to have beautiful underwear, stoc.

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