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Stereotypes (or not exactly) about Swedish men

1. Swedish men are very careful about themselves and fashion.

Yes, I have already written about this somewhere. Not all of them, of course, but many of them. At the maximum, I think, in Stockholm. The ones I saw, I immediately liked and was one of the reasons why I liked Sweden.

2. Swedish men are very athletic. Everywhere you look, someone is running or exercising.

Yes, this is also close to the truth. Again, not everyone, but many run, ride bicycles and exercise in the fresh air.

3. Swedish men do not impose themselves first and wait for a signal from a woman.

The fact that they are waiting for a signal is either a fear of rejection, or a fear of being accused of harassment. Although, when everyone in the club is drunk, all restrictions disappear )) They say that the main way to meet someone is through the Internet and through friends.

4. Swedes are very good family men, take care of their wives and love them as they are.

Yes, here dads with children walk and do everything they can. At night, too, it is not considered shameful for the father to stand up to the child. Dad, as well as mom, is entitled to 6 months (if I'm not mistaken) leave to care for a child. In everyday life, too, there are no questions about cleaning, cooking, washing and washing dishes — this is not considered a woman's responsibility. As a rule, the responsibilities are distributed 50/50, but it depends on the specific family. If both are too lazy to cook dinner, they go to a public place for dinner, or order pizza, or Thai/Japanese takeaway, or McDonald's.

As for "love their wives as they are", this is probably true. Judging by the size of the women who live here, these women take advantage of it, and it is not that they are doomed to loneliness. In General, no one is in a hurry to get married here. Many people still live in a civil marriage, which is practically the same thing, except for some legal nuances.

5. Swedes expect a woman to be financially independent.

That yes. Everything should be divided in half. Rent an apartment, buy food, bills, and so on. There are, of course, exceptions when the wife is from another country... for example, from Thailand... (a very popular place to find a wife) Such wives, it seems to me, rarely go somewhere to work, unless they open their own Thai restaurant or massage parlor together... Basically, these wives are "designed" for caring for their husband, cooking and cleaning. And the fact that the Swedish woman will stay at home, and her husband will provide it is rather nonsense. Although there is some TV show about Swedish Housewives in California (like) who compete to see who spends more on beauty salons... or something like that... In any case, this is already a show.

6. Swedes are stingy, not romantic and not spontaneous.

Probably Yes... You can hardly expect flowers without a reason or any other surprises... although there are exceptions, for sure. I think this is the result of equality. Although, personally, I will not experience much discomfort without flowers.

7. The Swedes drink a lot.

Mostly, Yes. Especially young people. On Friday evening, there are huge queues at the alcohol store (on Saturday it is open until 14, and on Sunday it is closed). Beer is taken in boxes. Public transport after the night from Friday to Saturday requires serious cleaning, because they vomit. Swedish youth, they say, have a bad reputation abroad... Russian Russians themselves have Told me about the Finns, the Germans, the English, and the Russians themselves. I can't say anything about people over 35 in this regard. I don't think they drink as much... Although, they say, in the North of the country, they drink on the sly, at home, alone...

These are the Swedes. An Amateur, you might say .Of course, you can not rake the entire country of 9 million people under these stereotypes, but the average temperature in the hospital looks like this.


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