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Silicone lips, men's opinion

For example, if you ask men in the office: how do you feel about silicone lips, the answers will be more than obvious – ugliness, nonsense and all sorts of jokes about duck lips and chicken brain, silicon valley, dumplings and life jackets in a shipwreck. Everyone will start to tell you how stupid it is to disfigure your appearance in favor of changing fashion, how it is ugly and completely not sexy, causes rejection, much better natural and not podkachennaya beauty... Well, of course, if we are talking about a breast or a small defect, then you can just a little bit of silicone, so, correct the blemish of nature. And other fairy tales that someone should believe!

Refute! Just look at the screen savers of these same men – or a cool sports car or a beauty with kilograms of silicone in different places, most often both at once. And who buys men's magazines, where in the entire spread well, such natural and natural beauty that I want to ask: where and what so nurture such individuals? Who sends each other photos and clips with sultry young ladies who have silicone in their lips for sure? Not to mention Actresses who dilute men's action movies with their silicone lips and bring a little eroticism. It turns out that men strongly deny interest in silicone, but they are drawn to artificially made beauties. Lie to us? Not at all! Let's study men's opinions carefully. There are three serious points that men focus on when talking about silicone lips.

No game console of the Hyper and beyond

In fact, men quite allow themselves a little silicone in the female body, even in the lips. The lips should be plump, inviting and teasing, but not overly inflated or overly enlarged, when you can already see that there are no implants. Owners of thin lips (strict teacher) men would advise to go to a cosmetologist and introduce a little silicone, but so that everything remains within the limits of natural beauty.

To each his own

Of course, Pamela Anderson or Masha Malinovskaya cause a certain interest in men, but only too certain. Yes, men's eyes glide over Pamela's photo, fantasies begin to swarm in the head and there is a sparkle in the eyes and a good posture, but at the same time they are well aware that such natures are for entertainment, sexual pleasures and for the sake of candid photos, for five minutes a day to maintain tone. Next to you as a friend in life, no one is such a victim of plastic surgery, a dubious reputation and a long tail of former winners do not paint your wife. Maybe they are afraid of competition with other representatives of their kind (by analogy with the animal world), maybe they think why such a mouth was created or are not sure of their abilities, but the essence is the same – in the photo of Pamela Anderson, men admire, look after her, but they will not let Her into their lives.

Beauty at a distance

An important aspect in the perception of silicone lips by men is the fear that they will burst and splatter with toxic chemicals all around, or she will get so drunk with her mouth that she will tighten her head and legs, like in a horror movie? Or will the lips swell even more and become half-face? Something to think about! Such silicone young ladies are good in pictures and in movies, where makeup and photoshop do their job, in real life everything is fraught with psychological problems and loss of potency. Sights and thoughts are not for the faint of heart. It turns out that men are not against silicone lips, they just consider them too utilitarian and not suitable for a simple and ordinary life.


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