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Signs He Likes You.

Is there a guy you’ve been thinking about lately that you’re just dying to know if he feels the same way? Are sparks flying between you and a certain someone, but you’re not quite sure if the chemistry is really there or if it’s all in your head?

Do you wonder if a friend of yours is starting to see you as more than a friend?

You find yourself watching their body language, facial expressions, mannerisms, and tones of voice, and look for that romantic attraction.

1. His body language tells you he likes you.

A man's body language can be very telling about his feelings towards you, so pay close attention to the way he moves or acts around you. Does he lean in when you talk to him? Does he smile more when you’re around? Does he seem excited when talking to you? Or start fixing his clothes and smoothing his hair as soon as he sees you? All of these are clear, visual signs that he’s interested in you and making an effort to let you know.

2. He finds excuses to touch you.

A lot of men express their affection towards others through physical touch, so it should come as no surprise that men like to touch those they feel attracted to. Does he consistently initiate physical contact with you and only you? Whether it’s a brief brush of your hands, a playful touch on the shoulder or arm, or a friendly hug whenever you run into each other, these little touches could be his way of subtly telling you he likes you. 

3. He introduces you to his friends

Some men think It’s very important that their friends know about who they’re interested in and approves of the girl he’s trying to pursue, so if he asks you to meet all his friends and makes all of you hang out together, this could be the reason why. Having you meet everyone might be his way of trying to figure out how you fit into his life, what you think of his closest friends, and if you two are compatible together. Personally I don't think that way, the person I'm going to be in a relationship with would always come before anyone other than my children, so whether you got on with my friends or not is irrelevant, they don't have to like my partner, yes its better if they did but a good friend will always make an effort to get on with their friend's partners even if they don't like them that much. The relationship shouldn't be about outsiders or anyone that isn't in the relationship, we're grown adults and we like what we like and that doesn't have to be anyone else's business.

4. He helps you with errands.

When a man has no problem coming with you to pay bills and walk your dog, grocery shopping with you, and doing your laundry together, it shows that he doesn’t care about what you do as long as you’re together. Volunteering to run errands with you and helping you do everyday tasks is his way of being generous with his time and attention, and showing you that he loves being around you and spending time with you. I think this is a great way to bond with each other and share the tasks that a lot of people don't want to do, spending time together should mean anytime and not just on someone else's terms as and when they feel like it, if you have a good man he will e happy to do these things with you.

5. He shares his interests with you

If a man likes you, you can expect he’ll share a lot of the things he likes with you. He might excitedly tell you about this new video game coming out, his favourite album from his favourite artist, or which TV shows he’s binge-watching right now. He might show you memes and random videos he finds funny, or ask you to watch some of his most beloved films. Movies are a great way for a woman to gauge how sensitive her man is, especially if he shows emotions while watching a movie.

6. He takes pictures with you

This a lesser-known but a trustworthy way of gauging whether or not a man is interested in you. Does he love to take pictures of you or the two of you together? Does he post about you on his Instagram stories or tweet about little inside jokes between you two? Someone who likes you will love to brag about you to their friends and followers, and proudly share with everyone else that you two are spending time together. He will also ask you for pictures but not in a sleazy way, he will want pictures of you so he can look at you when you aren't together or he wants to change your pic in his phone book, he will just want to see you and have an album with you in it and only you.


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