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Shoes that will make any woman sexy.

Shoes are a very important part of a woman's wardrobe. Let you have an inexpensive calico dress, but the shoes must be of high quality. After all, it is the shoes that give out the status of a person, creates his full image.

For a girl, nothing is more important than shoes. Perfectly matched shoes help you climb the career ladder, make passing men turn around and become an excellent helper in romantic endeavors. However, for some, sexuality closely borders on vulgarity. This is fundamentally not true. A flashy hairpin and bulky platform often look vulgar and inviting, rather than sexy. The whole essence of sexuality is grace, flexibility and elegance.

As a rule, the words "sexy" and" high heel " are inseparable. A high hairpin is a sign of femininity. And it is this very sign that acts on men, like a chemical reactor. A striking example of this is shoes from Christian Louboutin-a classic that drives millions of men mad all over the world and is desirable for the fairer sex. Black shoes with red soles of the famous designer, called "Pigalle", rightfully occupy the place of the sexiest shoes in the world. A thin hairpin, an elegant curve of the pad and slightly open toes favorably outline the female leg. This is the kind of Shoe that costs a fortune, but is worth spending at least once in your life!

Which shoes look sexy and attractive Of course, the height of the heel plays a huge role when choosing shoes to create an image. Thanks to them, even in a simple and strict suit, you can look incredibly sexy. For special events, important parties or holidays, a heel with a height of 10-12 cm will be a win-win. And for every day, for a business meeting or a midday date, shoes with a heel of 5-7 cm will be chic. Such shoes are more comfortable, while not slightly worse emphasizes the grace of the feet.

Speaking of color, it is worth highlighting the two most effective and win — win-this is beige and black. Nude shoes, combined with the color of the skin visually lengthen the leg, while emphasizing its beauty. And classic black pumps are the standard of sexuality, matching any image and successfully complementing it.

A woman walking in high-heeled shoes, in the opinion of men, has increased attractiveness.

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