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Sex toy: why do you need them and how to choose them

Why try sex toys

"Everything should be natural," some will say. "But what's the point of being natural without an orgasm," others will say. So the first reason is banal: pleasure. This is especially true for women who find it difficult to achieve orgasm without strong clitoral stimulation, and men who tend to come to the finish line too quickly. The second reason is also not particularly original. Sex toys bring variety to the lives of people without a couple. Of course, they will not be able to completely replace a living person (although manufacturers of sex robots are working in this direction), but they will definitely brighten up the gray everyday life. The same applies to people who have been in a relationship for a long time. A little variety in sex will only refresh the Union.

In the end, even the purchase of sex toys can turn into a small adventure. Provided that for this purpose you will go together not to specialized sites, but to a store for adults. Well, if it hasn't become routine for your couple yet.

How to add toys to a couple's sex life

We have already written about how to tell your partner about your desire. But there are a few more rules for sex toys. First, discuss the possibility of using such devices with your partner. Be tactful so that he does not suspect that you are monstrously dissatisfied with your sex life. Before you enter the device into the General game, test it yourself. A bad first impression can discourage you from trying again for a long time. In any case, it is better to start using the toy gently and carefully. At first, it is especially important to have feedback in order to find the best way to use it. If you have been a fan of toys for a long time and want to introduce them to a new partner, choose the right time for this meeting. At the first sexual contact, it is better not to startle with such news: there are enough new impressions already. But you should not delay it too long, otherwise you may get the impression that you are keeping some shameful secret.

Types of sex toys

Sex toys for women


The meaning follows from the name: a Dildo is an imitation of a phallus. Without vibration, pulsation and other pleasant properties. Designed for vaginal and anal stimulation (sometimes both). Depending on the configuration, it can also stimulate the clitoris and g-spot. There are very realistic models and those that do not look like a penis, although they cope with their functions no worse. Some of them are equipped with a suction Cup or handle. There are also two-way models for sharing.


A sex toy that allows you to achieve orgasm by vibrating in the most sensitive areas. Modern models have several modes, can move, change shape, respond to ambient sounds, and can be controlled via a mobile app.

Clitoral stimulator

These devices are designed for external stimulation, without deep penetration. As a rule, they act due to vibration. The classic version is a butterfly, which is attached to the body with special straps.

There are also toys that simulate oral sex.

Butt plug

The toy performs two main functions: reduces the size of the vagina and works as an anal stimulator. As the second can be used by a man.

Sex toys for men


A loyal friend of the bachelor. Different models simulate vaginal, oral, or anal penetration and have different internal structures. They may look very realistic, representing certain parts of the body, or... not so much.

Some models vibrate and have suction properties that enhance sensations.

Sex dolls and sex robots

An option for those who do not accept half measures. However, to use it, you need to be either fairly well-off, or very undemanding. Because silicone dolls that look really like people are expensive, and cheap inflatable ones look so comical that you can only admire their packaging.

Sex robots are a completely different level of imitation (and price). They move, blink, make sounds, and even talk a little. The list of human traits is inexorably growing. Experts do not rule out that in the future, sex with robots will become commonplace for people. But for now this can only be a dream.

Erection ring

A toy that increases the erection and its duration. Modern models often vibrate, giving pleasure to both partners. There are also options with a double attachment for the penis and scrotum.

Penis attachment

This device performs two functions at once: it prolongs the erection and increases vaginal (depending on the model and clitoral) stimulation due to the raised surface.

Sex toys for both partners


Of course, in love games, you can use traditional vibrators, but there are those that are better suited for this. For example, this model stimulates the clitoris, the G-spot and leaves room for penetration, which, thanks to vibration, gives additional pleasure to the man.

Vibroaytso is a mini device that is often positioned as a product for women, but may well be a toy for a couple. Especially if it is equipped with a remote control. You can use the egg for vaginal, clitoral, anal stimulation, caressing the scrotum, penis and perineum with it — in General, as your imagination tells you.

In General, if you are dreaming of something, most likely, it is already in a specialty store. It remains only to look at it.


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