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Sex on the first date

Many women often wonder whether they can expect to continue a relationship after sex on the first date. Everyone is afraid to look like a girl of easy virtue in the eyes of a man who is interested in her, and on the other hand, the following idea comes to mind: why can't two adults afford everything they want? It turns out that all the troubles are not from specific actions, but from the costs of education and the influence of public opinion? The topic is relevant and disturbing to many, so you just need to make it at least some clarity.

Women's mistakes

The main mistake of women and girls is to try to take full control of the situation and develop a certain strategy in advance. It seems to them that the course of further events completely depends on their behavior, but they forget that there is another person with their own opinion and a well — established position in life-a man for whom they are so carefully preparing for a date. Thinking about their line of behavior, women try to anticipate the reaction of a guy or a man to their own actions, and for some reason they think that the reaction will be exactly as they imagine it. The girl's goal is obvious: she wants the meeting to be followed by a continuation, and the last thing she needs is for sex on the first date to become a point. Afraid of losing a man who hinted or openly made it clear that he is set for intimacy, a woman can behave like this: Refuse, hoping thus to impress a serious lady with high moral standards. This is a mistake, and it is not a decision to postpone sex for later, but in the hope of thus gaining respect. The behavior itself plays a role, plus, not all habits and manners can be taken under control. Imagine for a second a girl of easy virtue, who is doing everything possible to build a modesty. Ridiculous, isn't it? The guy, if he knows a little bit about women's psychology, will immediately understand who he is dealing with, so just be yourself; To agree for fear of losing a man after refusing to have sex. This is also a mistake. If a young man is not determined to continue, he will disappear from your life regardless of whether you have sex with him on the first date or not. If he is really interested, it will not be difficult for him to wait for consent or just to understand the girl who liked him, who could not resist his charm.

How do men feel about this

There is no one who can answer this question unequivocally. There are people who are convinced that they have a very negative attitude to sex on the first date, but they are usually either too young or very religious. In fact, it is much more important how a guy treats a particular girl with whom he is scheduled to date. One and the same action, in our case — sex, can be evaluated by the same person very, very differently. One girl after intimacy, he will ignore, arguing his act is her promiscuity, and the other will then bring to his house as a bride…

Will there be a sequel

Whether the relationship will continue after sex on the first date, very much depends on the experience and communication style of the guy and girl before the romantic meeting. There are only two options here: The couple have known each other for a long time. This happens: people lived next door, their faces have long been familiar to each other, and suddenly, by a sudden combination of circumstances, they had a mutual liking and had sex on the first date. In this case, "long known" is an argument. Relationships can develop rapidly, and there is nothing wild about it. These people are already familiar — they just recognized each other not by walking in the moonlight, but by communicating in a friendly style, so they are not strangers to each other in any case. However, it is not a fact that there will be a continuation, but a woman can be sure that a man will not have a low opinion of her, since a certain impression of her has long been formed;

The couple met recently. If a guy and a girl, without really getting to know each other, are already in the same bed, a relationship can start, but it is unlikely that they will be serious. Of course, even here it happens in different ways: perhaps someone is tired of loneliness, fell in love at first sight, or thus "takes revenge" on his ex, that is, the act is committed on emotions and in principle is not peculiar to a person. If a miracle happens, and the other party understands the motivation of his or her behavior, with mutual sympathy, continuation is possible. In other cases, there is nothing to hope for: a person who does not care who to sleep with, can count on maximum sex without obligations, but certainly not on deep feelings.


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