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Sense of humor: is it so important in a relationship?

Whether the use of humor in a relationship is acceptable or everything should be serious enough, is up to the partners themselves. However, it is worth knowing that the ability to easily go through life helps to solve many issues in a positive way. The ability of a man to make a serious problem funny and get out of a difficulty in a fun and relaxed way is highly appreciated by women all over the world. In romantic, love, marital, and sexual relationships, a sense of humor helps partners in many situations. Dating witty, funny people who can joke and smile to defuse a problematic or awkward situation, makes our reality broader and more favorable.

Often girls choose a partner for the ability to make her laugh, because the relationship can not be reduced only to sex, there are other charms, such as a cheerful laugh. Over time, all the qualities of the hero-lover, such as good looks, a good figure, sexual success, place in life, and others may disappear or change, but the sense of humor inherent in man by nature remains forever. Therefore, the ability to make a partner laugh indicates a coincidence, unity, similarity of views on the same things, common interests, and this, in turn, suggests that partners will be able to get along and understand each other in different situations of further joint life. A sense of humor helps spouses in long-term relationships, their communication becomes positive, pleasant, fun, they are always attracted to each other, despite not always interesting external attractiveness. It should be said that women value men's sense of humor more than men do women. Women believe that this is an unmistakable sign of intelligence. Humor is perceived as the presence of intelligence, resourcefulness of a person who is able to create a family that is provided not only financially, but also culturally.

And men for family life are looking for modest, cute, serious girls, although the ability to make a joke in the subject is welcome. Sexologists have proven that laughter, a good joke affects men excitingly, but it is important to distinguish good humor from irony, ridicule, sarcasm, passing to the person, offending dignity. It is unlikely that they are allowed in intimate relationships. Both men and women are very sensitive to jokes about their appearance, virtues, skills, Hobbies, sexual behavior, so you need to watch your jokes very carefully. But a good sense of humor, mixed with the necessary amount of tact, and a cheerful laugh brings a good mood, interest and brightness to the couple's life.


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