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Scorpio Horoscope. May 1, 2020


May 1, 2020- The planetary alignment at play today may mean that you feel less enthusiastic than usual about engaging in couples' activities with your loved one. You may have a project you're eager to make progress on or are simply burnt out and in need of rest. Be honest about your needs and reassure your person that they haven't done anything wrong. Once you have a chance to tend to your personal needs you'll be 100% more fun to be around. Nobody wants to feel like their partner is spending time with them out of a sense of resentment or obligation.


Apr 27, 2020 - May 3, 2020- Never let it be said that you aren't wise with money. In the past, it might as well have been water, the way it slipped through your fingers. But now you've become more disciplined about the way you earn and spend. You may wish to expand the way you think about investing. Look at investing money into companies that are rising to the occasion to meet the unique needs of the current moment.


May 1, 2020- You hope that your hard work will be rewarded but are sometimes confused by the lack of acknowledgment from others. Sometimes our hard work is invisible to those we want to impress. This can be for reasons we don't understand at times, but the important lesson is to be focused on yourself. There is no one you need to impress more than yourself. Put your energy into creating the healthiest body you can. Exercise, mindful eating, and rest are the tasks at hand, every day.


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