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Scorpio Horoscope. Jun 3, 2020


Jun 3, 2020- Today's aspect at play could mean that a brainwave has a powerful impact on your current relationship. If you have both been trying to get a mutual project off the ground, but have so far run up against innumerable obstacles, then you can expect them to be blown out of the way by an idea that seems completely obvious, and yet it also totally brilliant. Tonight, you can celebrate.


Jun 1, 2020 - Jun 7, 2020 - Sometimes too much talking can be a bad thing. You may find out just where that line is now. The Universe can cloud things or ensure that messages get garbled or undelivered. The good news is that activity in your social activities, groups, and self-employment sector smooths over any misunderstandings with kind words and soothing gestures. From there, it's easier to attract the kinds of deals and offers you want.


Jun 3, 2020- This is a great day to assert your dreams and visions. If you would like to see yourself a little bit healthier in two months' time, today is a great day to swim an extra few laps or run up that hill two times. If you see yourself as more of a social animal than you were over the last six months, today is a great day to check out a dating app (I know - go crazy!) or surprise yourself in some other way. It's a fun day, a day to get started on things, and most of all a day to express yourself as you want to be!


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