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Scorpio Horoscope. Apr 19, 2020


Apr 19, 2020- Although you may try to get your impassioned feelings to stay under control and reveal themselves subtly, even tastefully, you may not quite be able to manage this, especially with the present cosmic climate. Emotions have been boiling away beneath the surface for a certain person for quite for some time, and when the opportunity arises today to do something about them, it could all be too much!


Apr 13, 2020 - Apr 19, 2020- The Universe is providing the conditions for sudden flashes of insight and genius. This isn't the time to sit on the sidelines or be passive. Instead, you're urged to look to your home and emotions and find the most profitable ideas and best ways to make money now. Home-based businesses thrive. Ideas that come from the heart can be turned into cottage industries without much trouble.


Apr 19, 2020- When you are touched by the kind of mystical energy released by today's planetary alignment, your spiritual side wakes up. This is a wonderful time for you to feel engaged with your sensitive side. Keep enjoying the energy that you normally associate with and try to notice the inspiration that comes from engaging in challenging physical exercise. A good long run can wake up your emotions in a positive way. Also - this can be a beneficial time for romance.

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