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San Francisco has a lot of unmarried men, and Philadelphia is a Paradise for single women

Many single women dream of pure romantic love, but they do not do anything to get closer to their dream. It turns out that there are cities where it is not only comfortable to live representatives of the fair sex, but also you can easily find your soul mate.

Cleveland, Ohio

This wonderful city is home to the rock and roll Museum, where not only women but also men feel comfortable. You can not say that there are a lot of eligible suitors in the city, because the rule is mainly representatives of the fair sex. But there is one interesting event that is held annually in the third week of September. This is called "national singles week", and it is there that free from the bonds of marriage representatives of both sexes meet, who dream of finding their soul mate.

San Francisco, California

If you want to be loved and unique for the most beautiful and successful man in the world, go to the city of dreams. It is in the first place among the cities with the most eligible suitors in America. Your life will be like a fairy tale, because there are all the opportunities to look great (keep yourself in great shape) and feel great in all respects.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

This is a city that maintains a reasonable balance between the number of men and women, so people feel quite comfortable there. The plus side for single hearts is that in Minneapolis, about sixty-four percent are unmarried and unmarried. The main emphasis here is on the night life, which is very active and diverse. There are not a lot of children in the city, everything is designed for Dating and romantic evenings.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Here you can wander through the spacious streets, disconnecting from the bustle of new York streets. Single ladies will feel quite comfortable, as there are many bars and restaurants. In them you can relax and meet the man of your dreams. Representatives of the stronger sex are happy to spend time this way, so your chances increase.

New haven, Connecticut

In this city everyone is focused on the study and the prospect of building their own career. Here is Yale University, which is known all over the world, so no one has time for romantic dates (and the grooms are not set up for this). Plus, in new haven, very expensive cafes and restaurants, the cost of food and service is considered the highest in all of America. So if you don't want to get an education and you don't have enough money, you have nothing to do here.

Seattle, Washington

This city is known for frequent rain and a large number of coffee shops. This is where Microsoft and Amazon are located, and what else do single women need? After all, it is clear that decent, smart, successful and rich men live in the city. By the way, they are not against Dating such smart and attractive ladies. Therefore, you should visit this place, since this city is one of the top ten places for Dating in America.

Denver, Colorado

This is one of the most adapted cities for communication. You've probably watched Hollywood movies where people meet while walking their dogs. Don't think this is fiction, because that's exactly what happens in Denver. In addition, the city has the lowest level of obesity. This means that your chosen one will be slim and fit. You will also stay in shape, as it is customary to go out for a run in the morning and evening.

Hoboken, new Jersey

If you decide to stay in new York, you should think carefully, because the prices there are very high. The town of Hoboken is more affordable to live in (rent and food prices are much lower), although it is literally close by. In addition, everyone here is very friendly and happy to make contact. It will not be difficult for you to first meet, and then start a romantic relationship with" long sight " for the future. Men are happy to meet single women.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Many believe that this city is created exclusively for gambling people. Of course, some specifics imply the presence of entertainment establishments and a specific way of life. But there are also ordinary people who work and are engaged in everyday life. There are many chapels in Las Vegas, which indicates that the population is religious. It will be easy for you to meet a decent man here, because people are very friendly and friendly.

Portland, Oregon

If you accidentally fall off your bike, your Prince charming will immediately help you get up. In this city, the Bicycle is valued more than the car. A young and free men with pleasure go on contact with decent women. Therefore, you will not be alone here for long, especially if you adhere to a healthy lifestyle and love physical education.


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