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Resort town of Saint-Tropez.

The resort town of Saint-Tropez needs no special introduction, as the beauty of this Provencal port town is famous for the cinema of the 20th century. Today, this Sunny seaside town has a reputation as one of the most fashionable and visited resorts of the Cote d'azur, not inferior to such recognized tourist destinations as Cannes, Antibes and nice.

However, this circumstance forever deprived the city of its former color of the Provencal solitude, so beloved in its time by the great cohort of French movie celebrities: Alain Delon, Brigitte Bardot, Yves Montand, etc. Now you can dance on tables, pour champagne and break dishes, without being shy about all of the above – this place allows you to feel forever young, which is why it is loved by travelers.

Picturesque pine groves and luxurious sandy beaches border the Peninsula of Saint-Tropez, which can be reached on foot by numerous paths. In the vicinity of Saint-Tropez rise the villas of famous actors, artists, bankers and couturiers, and in the center – a narrow paved promenade, always crowded with people taking sun baths and savoring local aperitifs on the terraces of numerous cafes, next to which luxury yachts are parked closely.

Attractions In Saint-Tropez

The main attraction of Saint-Tropez is the Old port (Le Vieux Port), completely restored after its destruction during the Second world war – the city's business card. At this time, it is a very picturesque tourist destination, surrounded by chic cafes, with always clogged expensive yachts, marinas and defiling along the embankment of the public in Haute couture dresses. Often the French themselves disparagingly refer to this theatrical place as a "human zoo", but this does not mean that it is worth neglecting, being in Saint-Tropez. It is worth visiting, at least for the sake of making a personal opinion.

But located above the port, Le Chateau de Suffren (construction began as early as 980), the ancient gate on the street de la Ponche and the open square around the citadel of Saint-Tropez (XVI century, now houses the municipal Museum of history) will show the true face of the resort town. The magnificent Museum of the Anonsiades (open daily except Thursday, December-June: 10.00-12.00 and 14.00-18.00; July-October 10.00-13.00 and 15.00-19.00; entrance fee-6 euros), located in the former chapel of the XVI century, on the place Georges-Grammont right near the port, demonstrates the artistic creations of many artists, for whom the resort city of Saint-Tropez has become a place of inspiration. And a little further from the port, on the Rue Etienne Berny, is the Maison des Papillons (butterfly Museum, open from April to October, Monday to Saturday, from 14.30 to 18.00; admission-3 euros), which consists of more than 4,500 thousand specimens of insects, including their rare and endangered species.

Beaches Of Saint-Tropez

Another" pole of life " of Saint-Tropez is the place des Lices with its luxury bars, restaurants and cafes – located South of the Old port. Very close, at the foot of the citadel, is the most accessible beach in the city – Les graniers. From here, the coastal Boulevard leads to the Bay of Canebier with small and almost always crowded beaches of cap Saint-Pierre, Bon Teras, cap Saint-Tropez, Le Salin (Les Salines) and the famous Tahiti Plage (it is already 11 kilometers from the center). From the edge of the latter originates an almost straight five-kilometer stretch of Pampelonne beach – an internationally recognized Topless recreation center, framed by an endless line of bars and restaurants.

It is not surprising that Saint-Tropez is a sweet spot for celebrities who want to spend their holidays in a special place, because this area has gorgeous beaches and quiet corners of nature, where you can truly feel the unity with nature.

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