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Sagittarius Horoscope. Jun 30, 2020


Jun 30, 2020- The current aspect at play could inject a touch of humor into a potentially passionate and intense situation. You could find that there is so much chemistry between you and your latest love interest that you have to find a way to diffuse the situation before you both explode. A little hilarity will certainly do the trick and make you feel much more relaxed and comfortable. Enjoy yourselves!!


Jun 29, 2020 - Jul 5, 2020- You can be an incredibly good earner as well as a saver of money, and can carefully build a portfolio of investments over time. Now, however, you may be faced with some daunting news about your money life. This week's major energy occurs in the area of your chart associated with your job and/or health, meaning that you might be forced to reconsider a job option you thought you'd left behind, or incur an unplanned-for expense you don't care to pay for. Take a step back and regroup.


Jun 30, 2020- As strong as you are spiritually, you must contend with issues of timidity in order to get what you want in this life. With the astral energy at play, you are granted a breather during which it is OK to meander a bit and wonder about things, a natural tendency with you. However, consider getting involved in activities like boxing, kickboxing, or karate in order to increase your confidence and motivation. Play around at screaming and punching in the appropriate environment. Apart from releasing all that pent-up energy, you could meet a new side of yourself!


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