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Sagittarius Horoscope. Apr 22, 2020


Apr 22, 2020- The alignment at play today brings a touch of passion to your life today. If you are just getting to know someone, then seize the opportunity to find out even more about how they tick. Spend some time with them. You will also be very conscious of not wanting to appear too eager or too pushy, even though your heart is on fire. Feel the heat, but keep cool!


Apr 20, 2020 - Apr 26, 2020- You're looking at a time of increased social activity, which can help any recently launched business endeavor. With a focus on groups, politics, and self-employment, you're poised to make a big change in your life, one that may end up affecting the way you live. It's easier to communicate with groups about your ideas and sway public opinion in your favor.


Apr 22, 2020- Love gives us energy to get through life. Loving your body helps, too. Nurture your body with exercise and you will find yourself able to be more loving towards others. Practice loving your body by carefully planning your meals days in advance. Be thoughtful about your upcoming meals as though you were wooing your own body to join you in a lifetime of happy adventures - because that's what you're faced with, and whether you make them happy or not is up to you!

Enjoy Traveling


Dating Networking 


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