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Rules for making phone calls to girls

Women love phones. For some of them, a phone in one hand and a glass of wine in the other is the equivalent of you and me playing pool. For guys, the phone is just another gadget that we rarely use, and, if possible, for a short time. When we call, we feel like fish on land. Perhaps this is why we are afraid of having to call a girl. But the hard reality is that we need a phone call to be successful with women. To help you in this most intimidating area of Dating, and these basic rules for phone calls have been developed.

Wait two days

The first rule concerns when to call. Call early, she will be disappointed, call late, and she may lose interest in you. And while some believe that the time should be accurate (to the point of almost an hour), you do have some room to maneuver. If you only took her phone number, wait at least two days before calling. You don't need to call her immediately the next day, just to let her know that you are interested. But don't wait too long. If you call in four days, otherwise she will be too angry with you, or just forget about you. There is nothing more offensive than trying to refresh her memory of the evening of your acquaintance with an expression: "We met recently. Remember that funny guy in the blue tie..." When you enter the Dating phase, this phone call should be more relaxed. After the date, be sure to call in a couple of days. And you don't need to make another date, just thank her for the time you spent with her. This is also an opportunity to increase her level of interest in you.

You must have a reason

This rule means that you must ALWAYS have a reason for making a phone call. Women like to chat for hours on the phone, but they should do it with their friends, not with you. Identify a goal and call it, perhaps just to clarify something. For example, if she is interested in fashion, ask her for advice about clothing. During the conversation, do not deviate from the topic. Don't let her twist the situation. It might start as a simple mention of a new sushi bar, and end up talking about all the fishing trips her father took her on. After three months or so, phone calls may become more spontaneous. You should still have a reason, but not as hard as in the early stages. You can call her and tell her about the movie you just watched, or how your business trip went, but you are still not allowed to tell her that you are calling just to hear her voice. If you really just want to hear her voice on the phone, then come up with a reason, no matter how transparent it will be for her, because she will only like it. Don't forget to follow the topic of conversation, try to make it look like you are calling your friend: "Beer. Eight o'clock. While". Women necessarily need the content of the conversation, so-called content.

Try to be brief

Well, if you don't have a reason to make a phone call, what do you talk about? Ideally, you call to make an appointment. Be nice and concise. Don't forget that this is a warm-up before a date. However, in the real world, na will definitely want to talk longer. Satisfy her desire, but do not forget about the following rule:keep it short so that she wants to communicate with you more. And even though you called her, you don't need to dominate the conversation. Do not forget about humor, but do not overdo it, otherwise you will look like a clown. you don't need to complain about your work, talk about a bad football match of your favorite team or a lot of money you lost – leave these conversations for your friends and the bar. You don't need to talk about your fears or hopes while sitting in a chair for the rest of the day. The best thing to talk about is her. You have her phone number, you have learned a little about her, now try to talk about exactly what you have learned. Ask unambiguous questions about her work, friends, and how she spent the day. The most fun thing is that you can answer these questions like ”Yes” or ”Hmm”, and continue to play on the computer. Don't be afraid to dwell on any topic if she wants to talk about it longer.

Try to hang up first

This has become a cliche – try to make her want more. The key point here is the fact that you should be the first to hang up. The worst case scenario is when she talks to herself and stops the conversation first. You don't need to be too abrupt, but you need to end the conversation when you want to. At the beginning of the conversation, you should let her know that the call will be short. You should have an apology ready by now. Set a date time and place; pretend someone is standing at the door, or you just got back from the gym and need to take a shower. When you are ready, give your reason and hang up. You can even set the clock for five minutes, and then once, and that's it, you end the conversation. The rule of phone calls regarding the brevity of the conversation is very important for another reason: women love to communicate on the phone with their FRIENDS, and if the time of your conversation exceeds the time allotted for talking about a date, there is always a danger of falling into the so-called "friends zone". By the way, you should never allow the situation ”you hang up” “No, you're the first ". Just say "Okay" and hang up if she wants to play this game.

Leave a message

If you get to her answering machine, you don't need to leave messages after the first attempt. Wait one day to avoid looking desperate or aggressive before trying again, but leave a message this time. Try to make it short and safe, which means you don't need to try to be too cheerful, because the machine will still not normally transmit all the shades of the message that you meant. Don't try too hard, speak normally. Always assume that her friends (maybe even her parents) are close to her and can hear you. Always ask her to call you back. And if she doesn't call you back, she's probably avoiding you.

Text message

Now we are increasingly using non-verbal means of communication. There is nothing strange about asking a girl for her email address and communicating with her through it. However, the rules change slightly here. The absence of a voice, the time and different time frame for getting a response-all this makes these forms of communication a virtual minefield. As with a normal phone conversation, try to make your text messages as short as possible, immediately clearly talk about the topic about which you are contacting, ask her to respond. Do not try to use such means of communication too often and for a long time, try to start communicating over the phone as soon as possible. This is more realistic for the next date. TEXT messages are perfect for setting a date and meeting place. Don't forget that these messages are delivered all over the world within a couple of seconds, so you don't need to send anything "embarrassing". Emoticons are the electronic equivalent of human facial expressions, so use them to show that you are joking, admiring, surprised, etc.


Not every phone conversation goes well, some of them go unanswered. Remember that the most difficult thing is to get a girl's phone number. As soon as you receive it, she is waiting for your call. So set your watch, remember these rules, and dial the number.


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