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Royal happiness: getting married in Morocco.

Marrying a foreigner and leaving for a foreign country is an adventure with an unpredictable ending. Especially if it is a country with an exotic lifestyle and mentality. For example, Muslim Africa. For Example, Morocco. But surprisingly, it is in the Orange Kingdom that women's destinies often turn out well.

Moroccans are very temperamental. This temperament is manifested in the male part of the population. Men during a conversation easily give in to emotions and from the outside it seems that they are experiencing an attack of aggression. A threatening tone and a loud voice are quite logical reasons for such conclusions. But sweeping gestures and a sharp tone are not signs of aggression. This is just an external manifestation of temperament. Among the men of this Sunny country, it is accepted as the norm that a quiet man is a weak man.

Arabs live in more than twenty countries in the East. All of them have the same origin and similar psychological characteristics. The main features of Arab men are their temperament, they are active and cheerful in everyday life. In their home, they are the owners and require obedience and order from the household, and guests for them are very expensive people.

It is not only affability that distinguishes Arab men. In many of their actions, they behave carelessly, do not worry about what is coming, and are almost always in a good mood. They are extremely resourceful in their actions, find non-standard and interesting solutions, and enterprise in most situations plays to their advantage. In the Arab society, bold and initiative people are welcome, and therefore modest Arabs are quite rare.

Moroccan men are polygamists

The harem past has long since left the country. Even the king has only one wife and two children.

. According to statistics, there are 2 children per Moroccan woman. By the way, men are often engaged in purely female Affairs: they weave carpets, sew clothes, and among them there are many teachers, sellers of cosmetics, clothing, and even underwear.

. Moroccan men are very eccentric, emotional, the norm is to shout in the street and markets.They can provide assistance on the street, and then ask for it and pay for it.

Among Eastern men there are beautiful people: strong, smart, caring, fair. A special type, so to speak.

However, these men will never forgive their women some things that, alas, are often characteristic of our generally good girls simply because of the vicious system of matriarchal education, inculcating narrow-minded and unfeminine behaviors, which are based on an unconscious desire to humiliate a man and drive him under the heel.

So, what will an Eastern Muslim man never tolerate, even if he is at least three hundred times intellectually advanced, educated, kind and affectionate?

First: hints of infidelity and games behind your back

Second: disrespect for yourself

Third, the unbridled and inappropriate jealousy

Fourth: unkempt

Muslim men are able to say beautiful words, take care of themselves, and quote poems from memory. This often attracts unsophisticated beauties who seek a beautiful and rich life. However, in such a marriage, when reality comes, an Orthodox woman often begins to understand that she has found herself in a different world, where the negative sides may be much more than the positive ones.

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