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Romantic Party-Spend 6-7 minutes chatting with each guest to decide who You would like to see again!

The total number of guests is 40-60 people, approximately equal number of men and women. At the entrance, all guests are met and escorted to a table. At the Romantic Party, there are two to four guests at the table. In the first part of the evening, Speed Dating takes 6 minutes. Men move from table to table at a signal from the host. Each date is given 6-7 minutes. During this time, people have time to get acquainted and understand whether they are interested in each other. Thus, with each transition from table to table, there is a meeting with a new guest (s) of the party. During the evening, You have time to get acquainted with 15-20 candidates of the opposite sex, to acquire new contacts. The sympathy card is not issued at the Romantic Party. Guests can exchange their own phone numbers if they wish. Sympathy cards issued at parties in the format "Speed Dating", fast dates.

In the second part of the evening of Dating, time for free communication, communication by likes and interests, disco. You will find your favorite music, dancing, competitions from the host. Romantic Party Dating nights are usually held on weekends (Saturday) in restaurants with a romantic atmosphere. The duration of the evening is three hours.

The "Romantic Party" Dating evening, unlike the Classic "Speed Dating", takes place in a more romantic atmosphere, with a lot of slow dancing. There is an opportunity to meet and communicate not only at tables during transitions, but also on the dance floor. Also, in your Personal account on the site before the event, you can view the list of guests of the Dating party in the "Participants"section. Perhaps you will immediately note for yourself those guests with whom you definitely need to get acquainted. If the "unknown" effect, who will be at the party? you are not very attractive, look at the Catalog of questionnaires on the site, select and invite to the party candidates with similar interests and aspirations. If you like someone from the users of our site, invite this person to the event, and You will be able to meet them in the near future. Your chances of meeting the right person will increase significantly! By choosing one, two or more candidates from the questionnaire Catalog, You are not limited in new acquaintances, since you can meet any of the guests when you come to the party.

If it is important for you to communicate with a stoic one - on-one, choose the format of the Dating party "Speed Dating". If you want more dynamics and dancing, we recommend the format of the Dating Club party "Locks and Keys".


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