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Romantic dinner for a boyfriend-easy as pie

Any, even the most ordinary day can become a special event if you have planned a romantic dinner for the evening. Give him a surprise or create an atmosphere of mystery with a gentle message, so that your favorite all day long looked forward to what is prepared for him in the evening.

Creating a special entourage

What should be a home-made romantic dinner? Of course, it's a candlelit dinner! Therefore, it is worth to stock up on this simple accessory. You can choose simple or scented candles. The latter, depending on the smell, will fill the room with a relaxing or exciting aroma. Grapefruit, neroli, sage will help your man cheer up after a tiring day, and rose and lavender will help relieve stress. For this purpose, we have also invented incense sticks and essential oil. It is better to light candles or incense sticks in advance, for example, 20 minutes before the arrival of a loved one, so that the fragrance has time to spread throughout the house. Essential oil gives this effect immediately.

What to cook for a romantic dinner?

This question should be answered even in the supermarket, so that everything-everything down to the little things like beautiful skewers for snacks just found! First, look at the fruit Department and choose the most famous aphrodisiacs: strawberries, bananas, pineapples, avocado, grapes. In the pastry shop, grab cream (both whipped and ordinary) – you will definitely need it! To make the dinner last longer, and the conversation did not end with a strong intoxication, stop your choice on champagne or light semi-sweet or dry wines. After them, the mood will lift both you and your chosen one. Seafood, meat and fresh vegetables are mandatory in your grocery basket.

Recipes for a romantic dinner

In order for the evening to take place, and your loved one was fed not only with one love, you must prepare several dishes, but they should not be too many: leave space on the table for rose petals and vases with floating candles. The meat dish should not be heavy and greasy, so that your loved one does not think about sleeping after a dense "lunch" (in our case, dinner). So, let's start preparing a romantic dinner for your loved one! We suggest starting with hot: while it is cooking, you can make a salad and snacks. Chicken with honey sauce will not leave a heaviness in the stomach, but it will impress your chosen one with its original taste. RUB the cooled breast with salt and pepper and fry in vegetable oil on both sides, it will take no more than 10 minutes. In the juice from the chicken that will remain in the pan, pour a little Apple cider vinegar, warm it up, and then add a couple of spoons of liquid honey and half a glass of water. 5 minutes is enough for the sauce to thicken properly. Chicken can be cut into portions and pour sauce, and then decorate with a sprig of parsley (by the way, a famous aphrodisiac) and halves of cherry tomatoes.

Ideas for a romantic dinner will perfectly complement the rich salads with seafood. So, for starters-salad with prawns. For three minutes, fry the finely chopped tomatoes and green bell peppers in a pan, add 300 g of shrimp and wait for another 3-5 minutes. Sprinkle over the coriander and dill, salt and pepper. Salad is ready! You can eat both warm and cold – in any form it will be delicious. The second option is a Norwegian salmon salad. Cut the vegetables: tomatoes in slices, cucumbers in pieces, and red bell pepper - strips. Mix the vegetables with parsley, dill or Chinese salad, put on a plate, and roll a piece of salmon on top in an elegant roll. As a decoration, lemon slices are suitable. And now it's time for snacks to add to your piggy Bank of simple and festive recipes for a special dinner. The most delicious and simple are canapes with cheese: brie cheese and grapes; Tilsiter (or whatever you prefer), a couple of olives and a leaf of parsley; two types of cheese, separated by a cherry tomato and olives.

The final chords are taken not only by the music (which should be pleasant and relaxing at the beginning and exciting at the end of the dinner), but also by the desserts. Traditional strawberries with cream are very easy to prepare: fat 30% cream just from the refrigerator whisk with a blender, adding powdered sugar at the rate of 1 teaspoon per 100 g of cream. Put the thickened cream in a nice cream bowl or glass, then a layer of strawberries, cream again. Done! And put the fruit nicely on a plate, you can in the form of a heart. And here you can play: blindfold your favorite eyes and, dipping the fruit in cream, ask them to guess what it is. Dinner with your loved one by candlelight should be arranged towards the end of the week, when you will both be more relaxed than, say, in the middle of the week. You should stock up on food in advance, so as not to come up with a last-minute replacement for dishes, because it is better to spend this time on something more important… The evening will only be yours!


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