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6 Fun First Date Ideas in Dubai That'll Guarantee You A Second Date

First dates can be a very daunting process, I’m aware of this. There are so many things to think about like, what dress do you wear, do the your shoes match your outfit, what accessories do you wear? It's all very nerve wrecking...

But while first dates can be scary, they can also be tons of fun.

While you could go the traditional dinner and movie route, which often includes a few awkward silences, plenty of trips to restroom to "freshen up" aka text your friends asking for conversation topics and the fight over the bill. We recomment opting for something a bit more fun and faaaaar less scary.

Like these six great activities that are sure to leave an ever lasting impression. One that isn't you rushing to the restroom every time you have a bite of your dinner, mind.

Behold, our list of six great, fun first date ideas in Dubai:

1. Dine In The Dark

It's cute and perfect for a literal blind date. Noire at Fairmont Dubai offers you the opportunity to indulge in a gourment five-course meal while culinary journey with your date.

2. Jumble Things Up

If you’re feeling outdoorsy and want to show off your brains and brawn in the same place, book a spot at Jumble. The urban maze features a number of physicla and mental challenges that are sure to impress youe date. If you can solve them, that is. Plus point? You don’t need to worry about conversation lulls or dressing too fancy, just focus on solving the little puzzles and beating the clock.

3. Go For A Romantic Walk

Going for a walk together might seem like a played out idea, but what if we told you that you can embellish this lovely walk with personalised background music. Using a headphone splitter jack, you and your date can enjoy a romantic stroll along the beach while listening to some of your favourite tunes. And, if the date isn't going too well, at least you'll have your favourite tunes to help break the ice.

4. Do Spooky Stuff Together

If you both share a similar taste for all things slimy, creepy and all-round weird, then why not do something totally ridiculous on your first date, like getting scared silly in front of each other? It’s assured to make both of you laugh and cry. Now, if that doesn’t spell out all the elements for a great date, I don’t know what does. Check out MOTIONGATE™ Dubai’s Fright nights ‘Saw Maze’ for a truly terrifying experience.

5. Go On A Hot Air Balloon Ride

If you really want to impress your date, why not make them feel like they are literally on cloud nine?  Hitch a ride on a hot air balloonand let the dusky sand dunes of Dubai provide the most romantic of backdrops for your super special first date. So get ready to stun your date as it's a safe bet that they've never been on a date like this ever before. Just make sure that they're not afraid of heights before you book, yeah? 

6. Hit Up The VR Park For An Other-Worldly Experience

This date idea is for all the video game nerds and die-hard fans out there. To be honest, you don’t even need to be really into gaming to enjoy a visit to the Virtual Reality Park at The Dubai Mall. Playing VR games together will really help break the ice and there’s nothing that bonds two people closer together than being in a ‘The Walking Dead’ simulation that involves chased by killer zombies, hungry for brains.

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