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Relationship between a man and a woman.

Let's look at the relationship between a man and a woman. How often do we ask why a woman who is smart, beautiful, and kind is unhappy?! The answer is simple. Because she doesn't know a man. She just doesn't know him, she's ashamed to evaluate him, she doesn't want to evaluate him. And she doesn't value herself. You know that a man usually values himself very much. He loves himself, but the woman does not love herself for some reason. It's rare for a woman to say: "No, I'm worth more" or " No, I'll wait and see." For some reason, a woman does not evaluate the actions of a man, does not weigh all the "pros" and "cons". It is clear that "bezrybe cancer and fish." And it is absolutely clear that if a woman starts digging, then soon all men will disappear from the horizon. But you can't leave someone in reserve and wait for the Prince, either. This should not be done. And, nevertheless, we will begin to look really at the world, to look really at the man. A man appeared. Quickly evaluated, or kicked out, or accepted.

Today, time passes quickly, and everything around is changing rapidly. And you also need to be very clear and fast about what you want and make a quick and clear decision. Well, if there is a huge love for a person, despite all the "against", you will have to change, there is no escape. Very often, a woman communicates with a man out of pity. Nothing good will come of it. If you are happy, if you have everything, and a person came to you and asked for help – this is one situation. You are strong, energetic, you can move mountains, you can help. But if you are unhappy, if you don't have enough wealth, if you don't have enough energy, what kind of help is there? That's what you'll never forget. Very often, a girl makes a decision about marriage not with her heart, not with her soul,but with a sexual desire. That won't do either. A very interesting trend has emerged in Russia today. Energetic, active women who work in politics and business use marriage to assert themselves. A woman has everything she ever wanted, and the last thing left is marriage. Marriage, as an act of self-affirmation, is unlikely to be happy. And of course, the most hopeless situation is when a woman offers herself.

Very often a woman has no practice in communicating with a man. She shies away from every man to the side, afraid to communicate, experiment. And men are useful to study. A man believes in his uniqueness, believes that he is special. Every man believes that. If you tell him every day that he is a genius, praise him, he will move mountains for you. A man wants to be married. With age, he generally has a nostalgia for family, for home comfort. If you meet an unmarried rich man at an age, and you can link your fate with him, live with him calmly, because with age, a man stops thinking about other women. He has a legitimate wife and he doesn't need anything else. Of course, it happens when "gray hair in the head, and the devil in the rib". But this is not a typical situation. Every man thinks of himself as a Casanova, everyone. But he is comfortable in the family. So if you love, fight, if you don't love, throw it away. Men, with rare exceptions, do not believe in God, do not believe in divination, do not believe in astrology. But, by the way, it is in these things, in yoga, in meditation techniques, in the ability to see the situation, that a man, if he does this, is much more capable than a woman. Much more capable, but lazy. If the husband is lazy, does not bring money to the house and does not meditate on prosperity, then sit down yourself in the Lotus, meditate and attract prosperity to the house.

In Hinduism, there is such a word as sadhana. This is when the head of a family thinks about the future and asks God to help him and his family. A man loves sports and loves to protect you. He is a defender by nature. And give him a reason to do so, ask him to do more for you. Well, when a man is ill, it is, of course, a small child who needs to be taken care of, stroked on the head. Time will pass, he will still want children, he will say everything exactly: "I want a baby." Therefore, a woman should be ready for this. Children are a component of happiness, family well-being, and women's well-being. Often a woman turns to doctors for help, because she can not get pregnant and give birth to a child, and modern medicine can not help her. And yet, there is a method by which a woman, despite all medical forecasts, can give birth to a child.

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